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  1. Can't believe how the community has progressed in the time I wasn't here :o I must say whenever this comes out, I'll definitely come back. Do you have an ETA for the release date :p?
  2. They should just make quick-fix have even more heal rate and even more overheal than currently. About the damage quota, yes... just make it a required healing amount/damage (you get the quota if you do X amount of dmg or Y amount of healing).
  3. I can't believe I agree with literally every single suggestion in that post, Arokhantos, but I think the 'charged airblast' stat, is bugged, and is why no flamethrowers have that attribute.
  4. A little OP, don't you think?
  5. Pinkie Pie - I would like to suggest another theme for this boss.
  6. Admin rank, Disowned and Damaged Inc., isn't that a little extreme. I would love to see him to get that rank but still, I think it should only be mod for now :p.
  7. Is it a donor-only boss or a public free boss?
  8. They should give Steel the Sea Pony rank in forums so he can actually do something that a regular player can't.
  9. The legs from pinkie and rarity look weird :o nice work though.
  10. I don't understand why didn't they close this thread already when Raini already said the 'final word' which is a No to the addition of Standalone Octavia, btw, I didn't mean to sound rude if I did sound that way.
  11. And finally Raini understood what we have to do, add single-boss versions of all the duos! (sarcasm)
  12. The boss is meh. :p Stun/scare rages are overrated :p and the model honestly, could be better, not saying I could've done a better my self (I suck at making models).
  13. Oh you're right, everything seems faster now.
  14. Vinyl atleast appears more often in the show.
  15. What changed?