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  1. No, im not looking to compete, it rarely has people on it, and i dont gain any profit for anything, also, I'd also like to apologize for the misunderstanding at the beginning, I worded it wrong and had went about it the wrong way. So just to be clear on the class. I'd like it to be based around demo like the Faust one as i said before, just with the mane/tail style i said before. also without the armor that Faust wears, although I'd like to keep the chestplate part of the Faust Armor. Heres a base reference for the colors, accesories, etc:
  2. A custom model would work to. Maybe I misworded my original post. My apologies. Should've worded the topic name better.
  3. its not, I run my own ff2 server and already have a premade config for said boss, i was just looking for a model, I dont know what the cost would be, but im sure it can be negotiated.
  4. Kinda. But its vinyls mane, twilights tail. those colors, and it would be similar to the Lauren model, but w/o the armor or whatever. it doesnt matter if the shades are there or not, thats not a big factor at all. and I know that site, but how would that even work for the whole FF2 Model i was requesting/inquiring about
  5. Hello, I'm looking for someone that could make a model of a pony for me in TF2 for FF2. It is of my oc. I can pay in either TF2 items or whatever can be worked out. If you can help or can guide me in the right direction, either reply to this topic or PM me on the forums here. Thanks in advance.
  6. CPU: Intel Core i7 Haswell 4710HQ Quad-Core Hyper-threaded @ 2.6 GHz stock, (Don't Remember the Boosted Clock Speed) IGPU*: Intel HD Graphics 4600 DGPU**: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M w/ 4GB GDDR5 SSD: 128 GB HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD RAM: 2x 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (8 GB) OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Core 64-bit * Integrated GPU ** Discrete GPU (Hyper-threading means each core has the output of 2, thus Windows sees it as an 8-core.)
  7. I also would recommend this addon from gamebanana, as it has several customizable options as well as all of the configs here.
  8. Went on Toyko VSP today, went the CMC, and this guy Shadow Rush raged so hard. Calling me f*cking b*tch and everything. Oh god, was it amusing? Buck yeah it was.

  9. That worked. Thanks!
  10. Heres a screemshot of what the homepage looks like for me:
  11. Hello. I'd just like some assistance as to why the forum webpages look all.. "broken" I tried in windows using Firefox 33, looks broken, Linux (Firefox 33) same thing? Im not sure what to do here, but any assistance would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the Clarification, I knew I left some things out. Just needed help remembering. ^^
  13. Ever had FPS problems in tf2 due to older hardware? Maybe something just isnt compatible? Well Give the following site a try. It's helped out me, Steel Cresent, and others!~ Site: Some features of this site: - Custom configs designed to either get you higher quality, higher frames, maxframes, even a movie quality configs if your into that -Set keybinds on the site and have them loaded, and can easily change them by looking at the CFGs and knowing what to change - Network tweak configs to help you based on whether you have a good or bad connection to the servers you frequent -Disable Gibs -Disable Ragdolls -Optimization configs based on processor settings (If your CPU is Dual or Quad core/ Hyper-threaded or not) That's all i could remember. If you need to contact me to know more or how to use the site, feel free to contact me on the forums or on the following: Skype: DellacryGaming Steam: xxsonikkuxx YouTube: OfficialDellacry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks, and have a great day! (If this helped you, a comment on this thread would be appreciated.)
  14. Terribly sorry I failed to make it . I ran into some unexpected Windows problems. Hope it all went well and I'll try my hardest to make the next one
  15. Terribly sorry I failed to make it . I ran into some unexpected Windows problems. Hope it all went well and I'll try my hardest to make the next one