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  1. I've mentioned it a couple of times in game about making the map darker. Kinda like what Pinkamina Diane Pie does, only with black instead of red and at the start of the round instead of the first rage. Beyond that, I second the start back at spawn with each life. Although, I foresee players anticipating this and start building sentries in the spawn points to counter. As an alternative, have them spawn in random locations on the map, preferably in spots where no one is at, and resume that way. Kinda adds to the FNAF thing if you ask me.
  2. Hey everypony, Boiled Shrimp reporting in! I decided to join the forums after going to the TF2 servers. =3
  3. I too seem to be having a problem joining. It keeps telling me that the server is using an older version of the game and immediately kicks me off, though it shows that there are people on the server. EDIT: Nevermind, it's working now. Just eeded to restart my comp. XD