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  1. My feedback on what to change for the server would be to: 1. Remove Goomba Stomps for both players and bosses. 2. Remove overly large maps such as CP_Crevice or with easily abusable death pits like CP_2fortdesk + Dovashy boss. 3. Tweak the bosses more frequently. The server had issues with quantity > quality. Some hales just got completely left behind when the main focus was always new hales. Tweaking the few that we have would be better to make the game last longer in it's longevity if the revival is to go through. 4. Tweak classes to be more on a level playing field. Some classes where just not good enough to use unless lols, such as Heavy. At the very least increase his move speed slightly to be at the same level of Soldiers. I hope my feedback is helpfull.
  2. Actually, the game does have a story. No, I'm not one of those rabid fans. I just like watching youtube vids of people crapping their pants playing it. But if you look up gametheorist on youtube, it explains the story. While he claims it is just a theory, others have made the connection. I won't bother to explain it here because it'll take too long. FNaF is like every other generic horror game out there. Spooks you for way to much money, and you only play for 4 hours tops. Story line is bland, and nothing really cool in it, nor is the game scary in itself since it relies on jump scares to scare people. I mean the graphics look like something out of a 2004 click and play game. If you want a truly good plot, mentally scarring game then play Amnesia. Game messes with your simple common human emotions for fear, you can't fight back, story line is well put out, you can mod the game, and your not stuck in a office with weird robots that for no reason want to stuff a abused minimum wage worker in a giant suit forcefully. And trust me, I bought Amnesia and I can't play that scary ass crap for even 10 minutes without wanting to douse my computer in kerosene and throw a match onto it. Just to save up some time, this is the video Zari Puff mentioned earlier in the thread about Five Night's Lore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1kw1RmzrPc Its none of this is OFFICIALY told in the game by any one because its all hidden. The reason why it became popular was because it didnt much rely too much on the jumpscares, but rather the paranoia of the dangers surrunding you at all sides with you having little to protect your self with.
  3. It kinda seems outa character for Raini to do something like this. Her being a nice person and all usualy when I'm on the Texas server. Just leting my opinion fly out there if it's alright.
  4. *facehooves* Im such an idiot like this..... any ways I'm sorry and will try not to cause a disruption again Jug,.
  5. I was muted by Jug and would like to be un-muted. I was just having a normal conversation in game in VSP when I all of a sudden get muted by him with no warning given, or even an explanation as to why. If I can't get unmuted then I'd at least like to know why I was muted and may try to avoid doing the same mistake twice.
  6. So yeah, I heard you want to start showing the Versus Ponyville Server to Youtube ay? Alright so I have a friend who's already started to record of the random and down right crazy moments that go on in the server and I would suggest you go and ask him for help. I could maybe help out my self as a test dummy when we (if we do) begin to record the strategy guide for each hale on the server. Here's a link to my friend's Steam account and even a little vid of how another VSH server is promoting itself on the web. Hope I could help! My Steam Account:http://steamcommunity.com/id/spookyscout/ Friend's Steam Account:http://steamcommunity.com/id/ohyoufinallyfoundmex3 Video Example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spGD8q2xfVc&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLD26A8B543C6B019D