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  1. 14. Non-donors should have fun too instead of being kicked out for one impatient donor and half of the bosses being unpickable. 15. Fix outdated plugins (e.g Rainbow Dash matrix attack being old and stuckable, overheal on all bosses)
  2. Still waiting in line along with other stuff to add to the servers. Would be cool to finally have something like this added, considering we haven't had something like this for a very long time.
  3. Player with chat tags such such as 20% cooler, royal guard and sea pony, has the color code written in chat. This is just for Server #1 This is how it looks like and it's quite annoying.
  4. There's no requirement to play as them once you're a donator. They will always be available for you.
  5. The way I suspect it is it's superfast counting seconds (unrealistic counting) which can usually corrupt the next bosses superjump recharge. I've never seen this kind of counter on other communities. (Can be fixed by playing a teleport boss, not sure about other unique abilities like Thi) Also, to add more stuff that are problems. Matrix attack can still possibly get you stuck on bosses like RD, Octavia, Vinyl, Discord. The servers are still using an outdated plugin for the ability and newer versions has fixed the problem. Building damage for certain bosses is dealing 65 damage (base stock damage) due to it's below the amount to deal triple which still does 195 damage but does not affect building damage. Can be fixed by adding the +200% damage ( 2 ; 3). The problem occurs CMC, Tia and Lula. I don't count this inside buffs/nerfs and rather as a problem/mistake, am saying that because there have been people against it due to they being a due/trio boss. Pipsqueak's minion is still missing texture due to the Bearded Bombardier update. G rage still works which has had it's issues when raging in front a partner taunt as the boss rages him/herself. (not a huge deal as it was only breaking on Nightmarity).
  6. Banned for not being banned for over a year.
  7. Except Discord which is reasonable as he's slow and has long teleport cooldown ^^ In fact, members of Ponyville can be used to to the high spy damage but certain servers nerfed every spy weapons to deal less damage which is about +50% (same as Flutterbat) which is pretty reasonable. As I find it perfectly balanced, removing the damage completely would make them weak.
  8. Anyone alright with Donald Trump as the new president in USA?

    1. ShimmerSkies


      ehhh...... I'm okay with it. I never really cared who won as long as no wars happen XD

    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I'm alright with it as long no wars happen.

    3. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      Same with other, if no wars happen It will be fine, but if he do sh*t to my Quebec, I'll trow my cupcake at his face. 

  9. Seen another server halves the damage of every spy hales because they could deal 360 dmg before and now deals 162 dmg each hit. This has them balanced in a good way. I would not go for the 65 dmg and rely on the spy mechanic stuffs, it's not a part of the mode and would not like everyone to go this new way if added. The disguise and invisibility aren't a part of spy hales, just a feature to add. For building damage, it would require higher bonus if damage is set to like +50-60% with +100% building damage.
  10. It's the fact that spies and scouts melees deal less damage, the snippet of code is tripled. This also applies to other weapons and classes if they are below a certain damage, which is why Balloonicorn deals more than 195 dmg with +50% damage bonus and Maud Pie dealt like 390 dmg if I was right with +100% dmg bonus. Even if spies or scouts are above a certain damage, it could deal less than using +200% dmg bonus. That's how this damage method works for their weapon attributes.
  11. If you're thinking of nerfing spy hales, doing that would be too much. They'd deal about 40*3=120. I'd say lower to +50-60% which is usually common and fair for nerfed spy hales.
  12. Did anyone like this new weapon balance?

    1. Aurotzel


      Tf2 balance or did we get a VSP one? Mixed opinions on the Tf2 one, some stuff is fine but some changes just make no sense like the Bison.

    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I like the Playground Bully attribute that the Shortstop got.

  13. Maybe this has been a glitch for a while. Just saw this happening after the update with this specific boss. Under certain conditions, Lyra's crossbow recieves 75 shots.
  14. Something that's been discovered in the EU and JP which although don't have the issues listed below. Donor, Moderator and Admin statuses does not work.
  15. I don't see spell crusaders medic with real downsides that's being noticeable. Both weapons removes second slot to serve becoming strong battle medic and health difference is still a one hit shot unless overhealed. We used to have no primaries on spell users which I didn't see as a bad thing, considering that a spellbook should sacrifice their own weapon into spells. When the system was changed, there became more sniper spell spam. The removal for ammo pickup didn't do much on weapons that already had lots of ammo or didn't run out quickly (still picks ammo after break update). A nerf was planned for spell sniper was less primary ammo which was a year ago.