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  1. Name: [4G.]๖♥Vulpix♥๖ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44732398 Ban Reason: Orginally Banned For "Insulting a Staff Member and Having a "Suggestive" Spray. Current Reason: Antagonization/ Belligerence towards staff members. To Start Off, Lets Start with My Spray: This Part of my ban reason (Which was removed) Was Just Unfair, 1st: When i waas reported for "Insulting" a Staff Member (VinylBat Scratch) He mentioned that My spray was Bad, The Staff member Who he reported this to Just agreed because of my Ban History and Banned me without Proof of me having a Suggestive Spray. I went over this Spray with Simple after the Ban and he said The Blushing and Shading Makes it Suggestive, That's the worst excuse to say a spray is suggestive i've ever heard and it's Unfair again, I've went over this spray with other member and staff and No One Said it was Suggestive it's a Cute spray not a Suggestive spray. Banning me Because You think someone is right without proof of the spray being suggestive is Also Unfair. Also there is nothing stated in the rules about a spray being suggestive because of Shading and Blushing. As i see it as of recent events (Not just my Ban) Staff Members are Just doing whatever they want, Not all Staff But a Good Chunk, Also Giving VinylBat Scratch Mod was a Terrible Mistake, Considering his Modship Didn't even Last 3 Days, He was Abusive and In past events Made a Death threat to another player yet he Becomes Staff anyways and still goes Unpunished. The Second Reason for my Ban, The "Insulting" was Towards Vinylbat, Someone who was once a friend but hurt me and others, Reasons I don't like Him? He stalks and Harasses Me and Others, He has Made Death threats to a Anothe rmember of the community, and He Emotionally hurt me, When i "Insulted" Him i said "I don't like you" and He then said "Don't push it" I have no screenshots of this but how was i suppose to predict this Ban? Also VinylBat has had it out for me for a while, trying to get me banned for the Smallest things when i helped get him Banned for the Previous death threats towards the member. The suggestive spray reason was removed but the other remains, Even though VinylBat was Demoted Because of His Behavior, And I hadn't insulted him at all, He was Just looking for any reason to get me banned. Especiaally it Being a Month just because Videogames was Upset about my previous Bans Being reduced and then going to Raini about it, Having My originally set ban of 1 week changed 1 Month and then being Banned without Warning, and saying i was warned from previous Bans which a Previous one i wasn't even warned about, A Ok Chunk of the Community Believe this Ban is completely Biased and Unfair, I've sent in a Ban appeal before this one and The 24 hour mark has passed and No reply. I'd Like it if my Ban was reconsidered But i'm sure it won't be. anyways this is the end of the Appeal, Good Day To All.