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  1. It's this da!n autocorrect
  2. Lockhart is a he, I've heard his voice on the server. But if it was only a name change, shouldn't the sea pony tag still show up?
  3. All I know is that it's unfair that I was banned for building in a place 2 admins have said isn't banable, and baned without any warning.
  4. Since the place I was building was accessible to the Hale, and since my dispenser allowed the Hale an approach that my sentry couldn't shoot at them, and the ceiling was too low for me to jump over it, and I was killed two times in the same place, them the location is not an exploit. In fact, it turns out it's actually a bad spot to build. Therefore the ban is not only incorrect, but the admim was abusing their power by banning I'm the first place, and not making it known the warning they gave me before I was banned was from an admin and not a regular player.
  5. If Lockhart is Val, he should have said so. He never said in text or voice chat (where he told me not to build there and claimed to be taking screenshots to send to an admin) he was an admin. And isn't Val female? Lockhart is definitely a male.
  6. Val didn't say anything, just banned me. Lockhart breaks so many rules I can't take anything he says seriously. Can I be unbanned early or will the bam stand as it is?
  7. While I have an admins attention, does the /calladmin function work?
  8. Weapon DEPO, one I had never seen before. Lockhart and sanic told me it was a banable spot, but being I see them break friendly and stalling rules all the time I didn't listen. If val had simply told me not to build there I would have went back to medic, but he just banned me.
  9. i was banned a few mins ago by an unknown admin. some players, not a mod or an admin, told me a spot i was building on was banable, but i have never played that map before. the spot was easily accesable to a non spell engie, and the players who told me not to build are well known to me to break rules when it suits them. i was playing under the name ♥Rarity♦Is♦Sexiest♦Pony♥ and my steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058252289/
  10. This might be the wrong place for this, and if it is I will gladly repost it where it belongs. In the time since I've returned to the server I have seen a marked increase of hale abuses. I would like to suggest that if someone gets a certain number of complaints for blatent abuses they be ramoved from the hale list for a day or so rather than kick/ban them from the whole server. This would help encourage players to play longer and more often by reducing the aggervation caused by players using rages repeatedly over a short time, using rages to kill a single player, and a hale ignoring several viable targets to chase down a single player.
  11. Yes, that is me. And I'm sorry for causing trouble then but I've changed quite a bit from who I was then.
  12. I was banned over a year ago for misconduct. Since then I have been through rehab for my drinking issues that mostly led to my actions and would like to know if I may be unbanned at this time.
  13. I got banned for stating my mind on a matter others kept bringing up. I'm done with all the servers and will not be returning. I'm just glad this happened before I wasted $12 donating to these badly admined servers.