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  1. Well, good news for you telegoombas where pretty much dead as in it was not a death sentence anymore. The goomba had a damage reduction of 70-80ish~% once the boss teleported and got the goomba.
  2. 13. Hale Range + Extreme Lag Compensation Range
  3. Lost In The Mist : I am the f***ing PRETTIEST PRINCESS

  4. This statement is false.

    1. ᖇᗴᖙ ℱᗝჯ

      ᖇᗴᖙ ℱᗝჯ

      it took me a while to realize that this is a paradox :p

    2. No Name
    3. sarysa


      You are correct. The entire statement was "This statement is false", not just "false".

      Now here's a paradox for you: This statement is true.

  5. This is just a random message c:

  6. For those who don't believe of my unusual here is a photo :p BTW is for sale

  7. Yay got my first unusual!! and i hate it because is for heavy and i only play as medic spy and sniper >_<

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      pics or it didn't happen

    2. Guy Incognito

      Guy Incognito

      Video or it didn't happen (in case u post an screenshot)