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  1. How active is our ARK server? I've been thinking of getting it, but I'd like to join a server and play with people I know.

    1. Simple


      The server does have people on it, for instance there's 8 people on there right now. It's PvE.

  2. TFW you haven't been following any of the threads in the TF2 board, and are at a loss as to why people are at each others' throats.

    1. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      PF2 has had many issues building up over time and now with this swap over it is all coming out

    2. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff


  3. I'm more excited than I've been in a while. I ordered all my computer parts and I'm waiting patiently for everything to arrive. My monitor, wireless adaptor, and SSD arrived yesterday and today, just waiting on everything else!

  4. >mfw people use "ponies" in place of "people" http://pinkie.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw8706-bemuse.png

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    2. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      You should talk to User he likes talking to all the ponies

    3. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      Why is there no upvote button for status updates?

    4. LQUser


      You sound like a pony friend of mine from /mlp/

  5. Hug me, I'm scared
  6. I, also, am a person who is interested in history. My biggest interests are in feudal politics and modern warfare. The former mostly sprouted after reading Game of Thrones and playing Crusader Kings 2, while the latter developed after playing through the entire Wargame trilogy. I'm also a big geography buff.
  7. Did you play for more than one round? The maps rotate every few rounds.
  8. Sometimes, the servers become unplayable for me with the sheer amount of spaghetti I am encountering. I remember playing on the funbox once where half the server was fawning over a player with the Derpy quad model.
  9. She used to cause bleed for a period of time, earlier. Now she turns everyone she kills into a skeleton with the speed of a scout, the health of a heavy, and a boston basher that does no damage to the user.
  10. Yeah, I much rather liked the original rage. In an abstracted sort of way, it caught the feel of being trapped in your worst nightmare, which is what the Nightmare's greatest weapon was. However, if we want a better weapon, maybe have like a sort of freeze mechanic that makes the player fight to escape, like how the Mane 6 had to fight to escape their own nightmares in the comics.
  11. I don't mean to assume, but can you confirm that you have tried reconnecting to and from the server? If not, has the map rotated at least once?
  12. I have two OCs whom I have RPed with extensively. The first is Low Key, who is the unicorn in my avatar. In a nutshell, he's socially awkward but incredibly altruistic. He works as a bartender at a pub in Manehattan, which explains his attire. He also loves music and plays the bass guitar. Aside from his social awkwardness, his biggest character flaw, in my honest opinion, is his promiscuity. He has a hard time saying no because of his lack of willpower; coupled with his desire for any kind of affection, he ends up being very easily exploited and manipulated. My other OC is Aegis, a combat veteran suffering from PTSD and DID. In an AU I thought up where the events of the Canterlot Wedding led to a wide spread campaign of anti-insurgent warfare across Equestria, Aegis' unit was deployed to the pony equivalent of Vietnam. There, he not only witnessed the brutality of his enemies, but also the cold detachment of his commanders, many of whom were nobles who inherited their positions and saw everypony beneath them as inferior. He was eventually discharged for mental instability after he assaulted an officer and then wandered the country for a few years. He finally came to the conclusion that all of the nobles involved in the "Bitnam" theater needed to die, and so made it his life goal to take out as many of them as he could before they cut him down.
  13. "I'm adorable, ship me!"
  14. Creamman: Gravy Knight
  15. banned for lack of pony in your avatar