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  1. just made an art topic today! Woo!

  2. Hey guys! Here I am with all (some) of my drawings! Some of these are not recent, but are really kool to look at. My comic will be on the comics topic, so look forward to that to. Also, I will draw Octavia and Vinyl because they will be in the comic to, along with celestia, luna, cadence, shining armor, Zecora, the CMC, and of course discord. Geez I have a lot to draw!
  3. Why do I see Care bears? WHY?!

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      Cinnamon Groove

      Side effect of the medication?

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      yea. I don't really care if they show it. Just messing around :3

  4. How dare you! Well, hi, welcome, nice to see you are making a comic, hope you upload some pics soon enough :p. sorry if I offened anybody... :0 I watch the show, but that's it. the comic is about my OC and Fluttershy though :)
  5. Hai everyone! Your friendly neighborhood mirror is here! I'm GlassMirror, or Glass, or GM, or Glassy for short. What I like to do: I like to draw, animate, speak Japanese, eat, watch tv, play my 3ds, play Zelda, all that kinds of stuff. Since I draw, some people might request for me to draw them something, well i'm not right now because I am making a comic that's becoming popular, and once I get situated here, I will post my drawings and my comic on here, so make sure you spread the word about it! My favorite Pony: Fluttershy of course! The truth: I'm not a Brony or a Pegasister, I'm just trying to make a non fan comic for Hasbro to see just so my OC and others can be in a special movie. But hey, I love the show though, it's really good! Some other things: anyone can be my friend, and it will be really helpful if my comic received more recognition (i'm on page 7, so it's going good); i'm 17 years old, a junior in high school. I want to go to college for an animation career and stuff like that. Plus you can also kind of tell that i'm female, which I am so yea. Have a nice day everybody, I would like to have some friends since it's my first time here. :3