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  1. I'd love to join! STEAM_0:0:19773545
  2. Also, swallowing socks can be very dangerous for a dog. And expensive.
  3. I'm sorry for bringing up the dog advice thing again, but if your dog is chipped, you might want to avoid using the skin on their neck. (no, I'm no expert at this)
  4. I don't know if anyone else here signed up for the beta (or even knew of it), but a couple of days ago I received my beta key. I was pretty exited, as I've spent countless hours on TrackMania and consider it one of my favorite games of all time, and I tend to like FPS's (even though i don't play them that much.) It might not be right to judge out of the beta stage, but personally, I'm really disappointed. I don't quite know to describe it, but to me, the game just feels dry, Like I'm missing something... :/ If anyone here have (or not) tried the beta, what are your opinions? Does anyone here share my view, or am I missing something big?
  5. So, looking through my backpack, trying to empty it, i found this :D http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5282/img20120703160356.jpg

  6. :3
  7. Oh, I will make you.
  8. This ice cream tastes horrible. Why am I eating it?

  9. Now while we could make this a long, in-depth discussion on what service is the best for every single existing scenario, let's not. It all comes down to what you want to do with it, and what you prefer. For those who want to use Skype, please, do join the group. For those who want to use another service, join others who do.
  10. For that matter, I think it looks like this forum already has a Ventrilo server.(?) I know, and I agree, but so far we've only used it for written chat. (Maybe I should add that to the main post?) Another thing is that I think (as always, I might be wrong) that Skype is the application most of the people in this forum have.
  11. So, some weeks ago, when the chat was a bit glitchy, I and the rest of the chat made a skype group as a backup solution, but we soon realized that using a desktop application had several advantages. So far we've only used text chat, but I'm not excluding the possibility of a voice call sometime. For anyone interested, here's the link: skype:?chat&blob=JmRJiKIYp0OPAH7s8madJOpdL8aIgSEgLzVs9S2c7dK4a7OMlpCz_BjbsUnCwy01rkT9xJnmxNzJ6vYQvuvlKtxQe-UiK9zexvK_ax7AsRjQfB8EF7-mWVLXPXOi1uG7aYr_-eVa7quAm-a6R3yEb_nRxpZKKK5r1MQ9hryJ9OG6 Here's a short tutorial on how to use the link, for anyone having trouble: First of all, make sure you have skype installed, then follow the instructions appropriate for your browser/OS Chrome/Win7: If something still doesn't work, post your problem here, and we'll attempt to sort it out. Note to admins:
  12. The sunlight hurts my eyes.

    1. LOL
    2. Distracted


      It was ALMOST the one i was thinking of. but it's true aswell. I stay indoors.

  13. Lick. licklicklick.

  14. Lick. licklicklick.