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  1. Don't mean to point at people or anything but we could really need some new active mods on the server

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    2. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      That, or we can all do our civic duty as members of the community, take screenshots/record videos, and then post ban requests.

    3. Rokon2


      The problem with that is that, I feel like most of the things I run into doesn't really merit me screening/videoing, going to the forum and posting a request about it. If someone doesn't listen to me when I ask them not to do something, they usually end up leaving a bit after, wasting my time sending a report in the first place.

    4. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      I think what Rokon is talking about is that there needs to be more people who are able to keep it as a nice social climate. Not something a Mod can do on their own, but its more that there's less community-driven people who play.

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