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  1. First off, I'd like anyone that posts in here to keep things civil and easily readable, that means not putting unnecessary pictures into a post or throwing around insults, easiest way to get taken seriously. Second off, it really is sad seeing the servers in a state like this, being a former staff member that still would like to play on there from time to time it's definitely a shame to look at, though they were in no way perfect, it was still one of the easiest modes to relax and talk in, given things were moderated well. Things i would like to add to the suggestions are: - Revised/Revisited rules, mostly because about each and every staff member enforced things differently, which more often than not lead to problems in terms of friendliness, sprays or behavior in general - A more kept up to date list of staff members to contact in case any problems arise - On that note, any way of looking up what each weapon does without having to equip it and let someone inspect you Lastly, I implore people to simply spread the thread/poll to get as much input as possible, mainly since it's still worth a shot considering how many people still seem to have interest in bringing it back.
  2. I want to recommend Eleanora for moderator position. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ellievix She's been around for probably over a year now and plays pretty much regularly, is also known and recognized by people from the server and helps enforce the rules or gets someone in case help is needed. Also isn't afraid to enforce said rules over mic which is always a plus since some people don't pay attention to chat at all. So in my opinion, she could make a great addition to the staff team.
  3. I want to suggest Hope Queen of Jukes (http://steamcommunity.com/id/moonborndragonpony) for a moderator position, helps keeping the server clean by enforcing the rules, reports rulebreakers or bugs/glitches and has been with the server for a while now.
  4. You mean the thing that was never added for unhealable weapons in the first place? The thing that makes each medic main angry since they get screamed at from people who literally can't be healed?
  5. No idea why the Ep 100 needed its own thread so I'm not gonna bother with that, since this one is just for all of S5 in general, atleast thats how i see it. Ep 100 was better than i even thought it would be, i literally loved all the things they put in there, i couldn't even refrain from writing in all caps for every little thing i noticed while it aired. [Okay maybe that 1 frame horse picture was a little too much thinking back to it] Sadly the Spike Ep. that aired after that wasn't anything special, as someone who actually likes Spike its sad to see how little love he gets from the writers. :c Here's hoping S5 keeps the quality in general up and actually gives us an interesting Spike episode. c:
  6. Sony giving the Last Guardian, FF7 Remake and Shenmue 3. Rip Internet

    1. Zeke Aileron™
    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      >The major influence behind ME 2

      Rip my hopes and dreams of that game.

    3. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Nvm, saw the new KH3 trailer and no release date, so i can still cling to my heart a bit longer.

  7. Well before i became very active on steam i was part of a small german videogames community, where among others MLP was found by some other members, who often mentioned it and watched steams about it. Since so many liked i just began disliking at and not even giving it a change, yea i was THAT kind of person. :c Though over time i began to get interested in it but still not really wanting to give into trying when i saw the first part of Turnabout Storm pop up in my youtube, being a huge Phoenix Wright Fan who gives anything to find new good Attorney stuff to play/watch i wanted to see what its about. Only 3 parts were released at that moment, I watched all of them in one night, getting me interested enough to try the show. Being very into it ever since.
  8. As someone who watched Turnabout Storm about far too many times to count and even too suggested an PW hale a while ago, i too first thought it would be a nice idea, though since its more of a ''ponified'' hale im more against it now, but thats not up to me afterall. Since Turnabout Storm was made to be like in the games, there really isnt too much that could be used other from the things already listed in this thread and my post. Said post: http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7401-versus-ponyville-boss-suggestions-mechanics-music-etc/page-66#entry128876
  9. Now as someone whos hyped about anything MLP related, be it EG etc., i really looked forward to S5 and so far its one of the best ones yet, if not even THE best ones. I really like how much time they spend into making each episode, be it the animation, the little details, the designs for ponys and clothes, everything comes together really really well. Not really gonna go into details about each episode, since I'm easilly statisfied already love each one that aired. So im just gonna hope the quallity keeps being like this. ~ For Ep 100: PS:
  10. Don't mean to point at people or anything but we could really need some new active mods on the server

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    2. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      Alright, that makes sense. I personally haven't noticed any toxicity in the community (with one exception that I won't bring up), but I can see the need for active non-mod/admin community members who do their best to police the servers when mods/admins are away.

    3. Simple


      Your pleas are being heard!

    4. Tavia


      #Vanillix for rich snobby strict mod.

  11. One thing that makes hales stall the last man easy is the outline on the player but not the hale itself, so the hale can easily avoid the player most of the time, so i thought perhaps it could be made so both last man and hale get an outline.
  12. A friend of mine gave me a fix for that problem, namely making dummy .wavs for the game to read instead of the downloads. Since i already made it myself i'll just upload them here for people not wanting to be annoyed by the downloads on map change etc. You just download the .rar data and put the vo folder into the folder you see in the image below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7htgyn9bctwoe2/vo.rar?dl=0 Hope that helps the people not wanting to wait forever to play.
  13. I agree 100%, we need more people like Lost~
  14. Rest in Rip Strange Kritz Price

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      RIP everything

    2. » error

      » error

      I'll just sit here with my collector's one

  15. Is my name really that hard to pronounce? :<

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      I think Colgate is right

    3. Taoru


      No he's the most wrong :c

    4. Aurotzel


      I'm always right c:

  16. For April 1st. every hale should wear a gibus

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      Posts like this make me wish I could like status updates.

    3. No Name

      No Name

      Me and scootz have a cool idea for april fools, one that doesn't require updating all models on the server :p

    4. Skeith


      For april 1st, everyone is melee only; bosses have no rages.

  17. While replaying the Ace Attorney games i came across the idea for a hale and being a big fan of ''Turnabout Storm'' i couldn't help but think this might work: Hale: Phoenix Wright Appearance: Ability: Super-Jump Class: Medic Weapon: Rage: Sounds/Voice: Music:
  18. Well, i suppose i can introduce myself too then. The names Taoru, also known as Tao, ''that guy that always says cri'' or ''How do you pronounce that name?''. I've been playing on the servers for about 3 months now and 99% of the time I'm a medic, while I may or may not pocket sometimes, i do try to keep my team alive and apparently I'm decent enough that people say I'm good at it. Been playing Tf2 for over 2k hours now and really don't think I'm quite done with it yet. So ye, hope that's enough info
  19. I have done nothing but beam butts for the past 2 months

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      Now never stahp :U

    2. Aurotzel


      twas a good 2 months

  20. I'm already loving this hale, just all the things about it go perfect into one another which seems to make it interesting to play and fight against. Really looking forward to it hitting the server, expacially as a big Megaman Fan in general, really nice work from all of you.
  21. Pip-Squeak looks very good, really like the look they were going for with the art and how well it goes with the model. For the Sea Ponies, in terms of music, i can suggest:
  22. Oh my, as a big fan of the movie its really nice to see those 3 getting made, while its mostly not that fun to fight trios, getting some other ones besides the cmc is nice. Excited to see them in actual action. :3 ( Arias mechanic should obviously be ''Aria Mad'')
  23. While i do agree with the fact that the EU server badly needs more supervision and that Darkkiller seems to be a good canidate for that, i can't say i vote for him wholeheartedly. For those who don't know, on the EU server theres basically an unspoken rule or not fighting your ''friends'' when they're hale and when almost the whole server is full of those ''friends'' the few people fighting are pretty much screwed. My point is, i have seen Darkkiller do that many times before, of course not being the only one. While i haven't been on the EU server for about 1 or 2 months and can't say for sure hes still doing that, i can not give my yes completely for him becoming a mod.
  24. Well, i am said friend of Emmy and can indeed confirm that Zoid said the things Caboose mentioned in his post since i was on at that time.