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  1. Just thought'd I post my specs since I just built a new PC a month back. Graphics Card: ASUS Strix GTX 1080 OC Edition Motherboard: ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha CPU: Intel Skylake i7-6700k 4.0GHz RAM: Ballistix Sport 32GB DDR4 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Storage: WD Blue 3 TB / 2 Samsung 120 GB EVO SSDs Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Zx Mouse: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Keyboard: Corsair K70 Rapid Fire RGB Headset: Astro A40 Monitor: ASUS SWIFT PG278Q
  2. Lovin this new layout. Layouts much more sleek, and the loadtime is amazing compared from before. Huzzah!

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    2. Holy Bird Pope

      Holy Bird Pope

      Woah when you replied it made a beep noise :O Also I see there is some type of banner option?

    3. Rainy


      This layout is designed around tablets as well, although I haven't tested it on one yet.

    4. No Name

      No Name

      The only thing I don't like is how you have to go on people's profiles to see the status comments and/or post a reply. Everything else is much better compared to the previous version.

  3. Due to the fact that I was just made aware that new staff have been added to the other servers, if I am allowed, I would like to recommend a Moderator. Name: Mix Profile ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MixaBowl/ Honestly after all the time that I have been solo staffing, I have actually found someone who takes their own time to enforce the rules with me, and even that ask if I ever need help. They know the rules extremely well and report to me while I am not on. If anyone is qualified for Moderator on the Funbox community it, in my opinion, would be Mix. I'd really appreciate it if he got it because the extra help would defiantly take a load off my plate on the traffic that server gets.
  4. God I posted a picture of myself... Why do people always dare me to do this type of stuff... >:C

  5. Ugh. Someone dared me to post a picture of myself, so I guess I will be a man of my word, and go along with it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mm6pc8i47c6i5ty/textphoto.JPG?dl=0 And yes that is my track gear I am wearing. Not very fashionable xD
  6. Due to how chargebacks have been turned to a "I don't feel like paying for my privileges I was given" to a more weaponized kind of financial attack upon the VSP community from your's truly (TTE), I doubt anywhere in the future that it will be removed sadly. People make excuses to much too often, and rarely if ever say the real truth. Unless by some landslide you can convince Raini to un-ban, the outcome that was created due to this will most likely stay.
  7. Just as a notice to everyone, Tomrrow I will be closing and formatting the Google Doc to send out finalized. If you wanna make any inputs, it's a good idea to do them now. Share the link to others who you feel would put input please. Also I will correct everything, including grammar, so don't worry on spelling. DOC CLOSED: Thank you for everyone who helped in it! :)
  8. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it" By this I mean, everything is there. We can suggest and complain, but it's on their own shoulders if they choose to do it. I just want you guys to know something I never said, but maybe this will help out in some form. When I got moderator, my life on par hit a wall. I had a extremely ugly divorce in my family, suffered from depression for 5 months, and had to balance AP and honors courses. What did I still do though? I watched over funbox. Even on days I felt like not even seeing the next day, I still kept in touch on forums and the people who played on it. Everything has settled down now, but I ask not for pity, but for a reflection on what and how frequently something is done. If you guys wanna spend a day doing fixes and just one day, go for it. If you don't then no fuss, but understand that if you care enough, others will also. Sorry if I caused a fuss before. Have a good day. c:
  9. As much as I am against replying to posts like this due to possible backfire, I will admit, I do want to bring some stuff up. With that, I will soon be coming up to my 2nd year here in the VSP community, and to be honest, I regret none of it. I love this place. It got me to know people I now consider real friends, learn new people, and get to know the fandom I love. However, I know there are things I strongly dis-agree with to this very day, and don't understand why they exist. One of which is the dis-trust of Administration. When I was Sea Pony on the forum, I took my time to look at all the posts I needed to read to understand the VSP history of things, and I can see how reforms were made to acclimate to the TTE problems the Ponyville.net community faced. But, what is it now? It's a long gone problem, and yet the dis-trust is felt to this very day where we are perceived as accused yet privileged staff. i try to act as professional as I can, but understand this. I don't spend fucking 2-3 hours every goddamn day to get nothing in return for the feedback I give. I want to help, and yet me, and many others are pushed back due to generic excuses. If anyone ever took the time to notice, I one man Funbox all by myself. I get no help at all from any other staff members to take care of Funbox, and I ask for nothing in return. I do this job voluntarily, and on my own accord, and I know I get nothing in return, but I shouldn't have to try to 6 months to add Raini to just get into contact with her, or everytime I inquire about things like RCON, I am instantly snuffed out. So, after reading you are probably wondering why I am only thinking about this on a Staff Level? Well it's not that. This situation is everywhere, and it's also affecting staff, development, player base, and server upkeep. Please, Raini and Simple, I say this and this only. We all want to help and you, on every level we can. By withholding all this, you restrict all progress to where you feel and decide you wanna do something one day. No one wants to steal the server code. No one wants to abuse RCON. No one wants to abuse admin privileges. And most importantly, no one likes a upper administration that leaves us in the dark.
  10. Never be boss was enabled after the HUGE amount of people that used to play on VSP that would suicide on start round. Not sure how people saw how bad it was, but to be quite frank, it was pretty bad on the ratio of people playing to suicide and people picking boss to fight. It was same during this time that if a hale were to die, they would glitch the music, and it would overplay on the next hales song. It was just a bad mess of people saying how to reset points, or how to fix music, so they did that to stop with the forced queue for all players. On the other hand, I do see how the hale variety is a "problem". It's the grim truth that our hale list is a mess of white, but I do think that there should be some bosses un-locked with a community vote. However due to the large mass of the development team kind of halting in their place, unlocking hales leaves less and less donar hales to be on the menu. However this topic is tied to soooooo much more things then it appears to be. It's tied to server revenue, upkeep and money that can keep it still to be hosted, and lots of other things with user experience. The server needs donations, and while I do get infinite donar, I do plan to pitch in still. It costs alot to keep these servers up, and due to that, the donar hales are really probably going to stay locked to donators only due to the fact that "people get what they pay for". Alot of people might dis-agree, but servers don't just exist. Now this is just my opinion on stuff, but we gotta be fair also in some sense.
  11. If I could, I would of originally put this in the admin forum, but for obvious reason, that isn't possible so I will instead make this post here. Due to the recent update that completely re-did team join mechanics, there is now a user exploit that can completely hinder the normal gamodemode by allowing a player to join the opposing team as a class, or ghost spawn as no class and break the user count. Unlike hackers, this hinders the gamemode to nothing more then a player never allowing the hale to win and is easily reproducable. I advise all staff to be on the look out for people abusing this now.
  12. It's starting to rain in Southern California! Huzzah!

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    2. fearrachshi


      GG all the accidents

    3. sarysa


      Cali's years into a drought and is having its two worst wildfires ever happening simultaneously. I think it can handle a few skid accidents.

    4. PBandJ Commando
  13. I get that everyone is angry about persay boss implementations here, since you know if the dev had the decency to code it, they might as well fix it. Now, some things are too much fuss to fix, and so are these problems to begin with. You must realize these problems aren't old because people are lazy. They are old because they are extremely hard to fix with every party being happy. -Ping Masking/High Ping As Scootz said before, yes I do Ping Mask. Now, before you tirade me with insults, realize that I live in California so my ping is 40-50, and with masking it's 80-90. So then why do I ping mask? Because I have no idea how to get rid of it. Same goes with everyone else who uses this command. It's very hard to reverse, and I've tried everything, but I mean if anything, it gives me lag. And what is ping in the end really? A number. Banning people for living in a certain country who want to come over and play and have fun is so disgusting that I can't even imagine why anyone would think that. Everyone should be able to play on these servers and enjoy themselves, and not be segregated to another server just because of their location. I myself find it disgusting to be rude to players with high ping. They are the suffering party, and yet people hate them just for their internet connection. It's out of their power, and they can't do anything about it. They only hide it because they themselves are annoyed by all the crap they get from others where they harass to no end on how their ping is bad. If the community is going to go down this road to where we ban people for simple things like this, then you might as well ban me. This is not something I stand for in any way.
  14. As a person who takes AP history classes, holy shit do I love my history. Favorite subject actually. I find it extremely insightful on moral lessons and just overall understanding of how the human the behavior really never changes no matter how much time you give it. Even that, history gives a window into a places culture and complexity, and teaches how things existed in a certain time period or still exist. My favorite time periods though would have to be the Civil War era, WWII Era, and the Cold War. It's nice to see some people appreciate history as much as I do sometimes. :D
  15. That feel good moment when all the creepy zombie muffins are replaced with happy ones that look somewhat edible. Thank's up-vote system from taking those salmonella infested pastries away from me.

    1. Karlamena


      I still have one sour muffin. I'll cherish it forever. In fact, from now on, I'll only post horrible things that no one would ever "like" so I can keep it forever. Yay!

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Note to self: Like all of Kralthe's posts.

    3. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      That's what Kralthe wants you to do!

  16. I love how I see people screaming their heads off at scary games and movies and I'm sitting here screaming my head off at my damn water bill. #SoCal Problems

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    2. Shadowpod
    3. Papper2k


      You live in SoCal and you dont even do Crew Battles at your local place? There are so many great smashers around your place.

    4. sarysa


      We have springs all over this part of Florida and I still get charged a ton versus what I use. Damn commie billing systems.

  17. I'm actually a fan of MLP:FiM. (You have no idea how many times people ask me if I am...)
  18. "I have an Idea" Something I see no one here is even touching. Why? Well because everyone is skipping to the end and not looking over the whole thing. Sure, I won't lie, I dislike FNaF with a burning passion. When I used to be moderator for Funbox, the FNaF fans drove me to tears half the time from the utter annoyance, and overall complete stupidity of if all. Then why you ask do I just say no and walk away? Well, let's take a deeper dig into this. When Scootz asked me to make a FNaP poster for him in SFM, I did not because I wanted to. Hell, I'd rather eat glass then support FNaF in any form, but I did it because this is the work that all the Devs put into this, and a image of what they can do to make these bosses, so I said to myself why not give them a good ol teaser image. I mean, 95% of all VSP players just really play the gamemode and thats it. I see sometimes how you people shoot down things even though yourselves you never actually contribute anything to the community, and that causes things to fall apart, people to be demotivated and other overall just quit. Who cares if this is a FNaF boss. I mean it's just a goddamn texture of the model. It could be a giant ass pizza for all we know, but it's the concept and I get that, but you need to understand that the amount of work the developers so to create these bosses cannot just be thrown out the window. If a part of the boss is disliked, fine then. Fix the rage, make it less scary, or do anything else you see fit, but throwing the whole thing out the window is like saying to the devs "Your work is shit, and I'm sorry". That gets them to really halt all production and then people sit here and wonder, "Why do you never have any new bosses?". If you make it jam packed fun with no horror base upon it, then I see no reason not to add it. There are alot of bosses these devs have worked on, and in the end no one plays them, so if this hale goes down the least played, then so be it, but don't shoot down everything these people contribute because sooner or later there will be nothing to contribute from them because they will quit. Treat them with actual respect because without them VSP would be full of nothing more then a bland small pool of overplayed hales.
  19. I just found out the grim truth. Engi.... is my father

  20. Eugh....Seems about right What a man to make such a video
  21. Well, if you haven't heard yet, or live under a rock, the official Fallout 4 Trailer was released on Youtube, giving a glimpse into the masterpiece of a series revival. The reason I am making this thread is to keep up on news, opinions about the new games announced release itself, and to just have some nice talk about the games themselves. I mean, how do you guys feel about the new game, and what are you anxious/excited for?
  22. To all those new people here, welcome! This community is happy to see new faces around here, and try not to fret too much. We don't bite new guests. c;

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      I do however. Mostly because of rabies, but that's a story for later, 'kay? :)

    2. Kyle


      "We don't bite new guests. c;" we dont? fuck ive been doing it wrong then

    3. ---


      "We don't bite new guests."

      Aw that's a shame.

  23. Nothing worse then being mute with your headset dies in a terrible way. I guess I'll just communicate with Smoke Signals from now on. :/

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      Do you even text chat?

    4. Kyle


      RIP le Pope, time to find someone else... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. I can't believe they did the power armour thing, where it becomes an actual suit of something resembling the most badass thing in the Wasteland. Like holy crap when I saw that on the E3 stream, I kinda squealed like a little girl inside, and also in my room (Thankfully no one heard me). However, the game is kinda creeping me out, because it looks kinda choppy and I hope that they don't make it like a stupid "open world destroy shit and kill everyone you see" simulator. But I mean, I trust Bethesda won't be an idiot and screw this up. Hell, I loved the idea that maybe even your character speaks all the way. It makes the game seem so much more alive, and the graphics are to die for. Like in all, I can't wait for it's release. It seems like they know what they are doing finally, and that is something I am really enjoying.
  25. Gravy Wars: The Engie's Strike back The Cream-Father Cream Club The Lord of the Cream: Return of the Splengies The Cream Gravy Redemption Cream-ception Gravy-Stellar Back to the Creamy Future