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  1. Aesop Rock is the only rapper that matters.

  2. When Russians win a game of Counter-Strike

    1. Procelle


      when you survive another day in the Zone

  3. I sneak in at night and plant e.coli in the ground. over the years, it spreads through all you own, and you die slowly. I claim a different hill as the old hill is an E.Coli hazard.
  4. On the internet no one knows you're CIS scum

    1. woodledoodledoodledoodle


      Confederacy of Independent Systems?

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Center for Immigration Studies?

    3. sarysa


      CompuServe Information Service?

  5. I'm Lord Fluffy's dad.
  6. Gallery spam is the new meme, boys.

    1. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      sorry i don't know how to gallery

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Ew, spam... I'm more of a roast beef hash guy myself. :3

  7. mmm, italian cuisine.

  8. Hopefully this isn't too tryhard for Ponyville.
  9. As long as I can be post-apocalyptic Stalin I'm down with this game.
  10. You look like the womb was a fist continuously punching you in the face for 9 months. So, never.
  12. ~shoving your confederate flag in peoples faces because DAE heritagezzz~ #justconservativethings

  13. The ride never ends. Go ahead and try to outwit each other with sick rhymes, kiddos.
  14. I hang a confederate flag in front of a redneck on a huge wheel and he runs to catch it, which in turn powers my potato-based personal computer.
  15. I didn't put her up as a common choice for demoman because he is black (and scottish, btw); but because of out of all the characters we've seen so far (princesses with their gigantic livespans aside), she is for me the most likely to have any experience with creating explosive concoctions due to her previous shown talent in alchemy. Eh, I've found most of her potions are under the umbrella of Biology, not Chemistry. I say it's witchcraft. Let's burn her alive and if she lives, she's a witch. #justsalemthings