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  1. It wasn't a shot, but I made a pub server's sides explode when I was a medic in the first part of cp_dustbowl, where we had a Red Heavy standing in front of the entry gate spinning his minigun and I ran up the stairs and bonesaw'd him to death.
  2. Sorry I don't want my brother to type "g" in the search bar to get to Google and autosearch have it suggest "German submissive redhead slave in heat mutilated"
  3. McCoy
  4. And on that happy note, Calgary represent!
  5. Canadians don't have sex ever so we don't have children. The last count for how many children each household produced was like 0.8. We need 2.1 children per household to sustain a population. Canadians are literally endangered
  6. That's because it was directed by Keanu Reeves. A chronically depressed White Canadian weeaboo. I just saw Van Helsing and 10 damn years later I still can't make up my mind on whether I enjoyed it or hated it. 5/10 I have no strong feelings one way or the other. Tell my wife I said "hello".
  7. I really need to stop picking up girls at anime conventions.

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      I keep telling you, Man-Faye is not a girl! Stop misgendering him!

    3. Cherry Crush

      Cherry Crush

      Nope, just awful dead-fish sex followed by weeks of clingy behaviour.

    4. woodledoodledoodledoodle
  8. Skill and intelligence have nothing to do with DJ Pon-3's rage which results in 3-5 helpless deaths per shot. Or Iron Will's rage. Or Applejack's. By the numbers Dovashy is only marginally better if you care that much for balance. Personally I don't give a damn about balance and skill on a game where nine various nationalist stereotypes shoot as many rockets and grenades at a my little pony until said pony clotheslines their face in. All I want is more content, more maps, more bosses, more variables. Balance is only an issue to me when one boss is overplayed because it has a better chance of winning, and we have no issue there.
  9. I'm struggling to find a way to break it to my family that I want to join the Canadian Forces. Even if they mostly do disaster relief and NATO operations, people do die on the job but I'm not afraid of that. In fact, out of any branch of the army, I'd want to be an Armoured Soldier, driving a Leopard tank on the front lines carving into enemy territory. The most troubling thing I'd have to tell them is that I want to be posted overseas, far away from Canada and from home. My old friends from university don't want anything to do with me anymore, I have no friends here in Calgary. My girlfriend left me a few weeks ago. I've been fired from two of the three jobs I worked last year and have a dismal near future, I have a degree in Criminal Justice but I fell in with a very, very bad crowd last summer and made mistakes that will disqualify me from ever being a police officer which was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even if I could be a police officer someday, most police jobs are taken by people with Forces experience so I'd have to do this anyways. So I have no reason to be in Canada any longer. No friends, no job, no girl, nothing here for me but my family. And it's a big world out there, I want to see it all. It just feels like army life will solve all of my problems. A job, friends, seeing the world, job experience I'd need anyways. But how do you tell your mother you want to be on the other side of the world possibly without contact? My family has always been close.
  10. Valve and Paradox are the only companies keeping my interest in video games nowadays. The A.I. for the United States in Hearts of Iron 3 is the reason why I have trust issues. Every time I play as Canada I want to join the Allies but I can't send my soldiers overseas until America chooses a side (if it ever does) or else, whoops, Yankee Doodle's in Ottawa and Montreal two months later.
  11. Please, contribute to the conversation with reasoning. Your definition of "fun" and that of how others see it will vary. A round that lasts approximately 20 seconds is not "fun" to me. As I said previously: I would like to see her disabled for 2fort (thankfully sky_resort is gone). We have not / will not ban people if that's how they choose to use their turn. It's a waste of a turn though, since winning / losing as the Hale has no significance. Why rush your own turn to end in 20 seconds if you can just make the game skip you? There are many people in this game that want it dumbed down to Smash Bros. levels of monotony (Fox only, no items, Final Destination! It's the only way to judge skill). I loathe these people. Games should have variables. Even extremely difficult variables. Ever-changing variables. That's what keeps a game fresh. That's what makes a game fun. It's self-evident, I don't need to say anything else. These people who get pissed off every time they lose a game (and there are many, on this server and throughout all servers) need to either get good or change their attitude.
  12. A shitlord at 155! Bahahahah! Also: An eccentric conservative libertarian male-lesbian Where's my option for pony-lover? Fucking CIS scum ignoring my identity.
  13. Follow your dreams brother. No girl can make you as happy as Rainbow Dash can. Accept it and look for ways to improve your relationship with her.
  14. Smelting all my vintage weapons for scrap