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  1. I already know about changing VSP themes myself but it's about everyone so I appreciate your response which is also about replacing a theme step by step. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to add country associated themes since we shall know that English is the best language to sing. It needed to have a poll in the past to simply decide what's best for the community but as I can see, nopony is complaining about any theme. This thread is only about the opinions of others. Please, don't take me wrong. Greetings
  2. Hi there. Do you want to receive some song requests? It's because I mostly see players not being satisfied about some themes (remixes) in the europe server. What I noticed was that polnish RBD theme but we have different tastes. If yes, please tell me what's the best way to do that like what's required. Is it enough to write a private message to an admin or shall I create a poll? I'd prefer sending private messages since I don't wanna share those themes in the forum. Please let me know how this can be managed. The reason I created the discussion is because you can let me know if you're satisfied with (almost) all themes in the europe server. I know I can change themes myself but it could be easier for everyone. I've seen VSP a way more active years ago but I might be weong. Greetings.
  3. That's how I feel after playing over 10 hours a (holi)day and thinking about that:
  4. Is it so difficult or even impossible to make NMR 35% slower or something like that? Greetings
  5. Very informative. Please, tell me more.
  6. Feel free and comment here if you want Nightmare Rarity as hale back. Greetings
  7. I'm almost stunned because all the screenshots are the same but I uploaded every single screenshot seperated. The day will come I report with videos.
  8. Username: Spyro SteamID: STEAM_0:0:118895243 Steam Profile: Ponyville Server: (Europe) - Versus Ponyville Transgression: Stalling and playing friendly over 45 minutes. Prove: Additional: Used !calladmin and warned enough times - nothing worked. He ignores the rules and needs at least 3 days break time. Darkkiller joined after 45 minutes and kicked him and I was almost done with writing this report. He accepted that I still send this report(screenshot). Btw only accepting the rules when Darkkiller is in the server can't be right but something should happen before he does it again. Actually I only take so many screenshots or even a video if something must happen.
  9. Username: [Elites] Mare [GER] SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53409796 Steam Profile: Ponyville Server: (Europe) - Versus Ponyville Transgression: Stalling (Spectating fight in team RED but no prove), went rude at my announcement to stop this and move Prove: Additional: There wasn't a Royal Guard/Sea Pony available at this time.
  10. Is it allowed to write in random languages in the european server? I must translate everything to know if someone gets insulted or not. How about the players who are pretty good at writing english but write in other languages to other players who are also good at understanding english? If there is no admin or moderator online, what can I do against short offensive chat? It seems like a hard decision to report someone for 1 or 2 insults like "You son of a...". Greetings
  11. Well, well, well, it seems we have some neigh-sayers in the audience! Buying keys, waiting a week and sending them to Videogames380 isn't a good pay method to many ponies so here is my suggestion about a new method without using a credit card which doesn't everypony have. It's the paysafecard (PSC). You can buy it in almost every shopping center and garage/filling station in 39 different countries. It is usually pretty easy to get one as European so it's only a puddle jump from the apartment. The common PSC in Europe is € 10. Quotes from the website: "Online cash payments for 1 billion customers.Available in 39 countries.Europe's leading prepaid solution for paying online.""Paysafecard is available from many supermarkets, petrol stations, tobacconists and newsagents." "Paysafecard is Europe's most popular and proven online prepaid payment method: paysafecard lets you pay online simply, quickly and safely at all well-known merchants in the gaming and telephony & messaging industries, as well as in many other areas." I know if someone would donate € 10 to VSP with using a € 10 PSC, Raini will earn ~$ 7.50 so I prefer a 50 days donation for this amount. Here can you become a partner of paysafecard: /) Maybe you could think that VSP can't become a partner of paysafecard but that's wrong. I know many TF2 servers in which donating with PSC is easy possible. I choose the amount, open a link to the payment site of paysafecard, type my 16-digit paysafecard PIN in the fields and accept the PIN. I know there is any problem with adding a new pay method to become a donor in VSP but you will find a way if you want more money. Alright? I suggested this because of a good future of VSP. I'm European and became my credit card very late. That means I already have one and don't really care if you change it or not but you should know one thing. Paysafecard was the only way to add Steam wallet funds to my account when I was 16 years old. It is a must have for VSP and of course I'm not joking with that. Please don't tell me: "But if they really wanna became a donor, they will give the keys to Videogames380." A great many of them will find another way or forget this weird "keys to Videogames380" pay method. Do you have any question to me? The answer is you must ask me per private message to get an answer from me. Do you wanna make me sad? I always think negative and then positive about almost everything but you can still try it. I posted my suggestion. Do with that whatever you want.
  12. Thanks for showing me the png so I've a much better overview if the slots are full for a longer time than 2 minutes per half hour between 2pm and 9pm at gametracker. I'll follow it week for week. Btw I've to say it doesn't work 100% accurate. It only shows the average very crudely. However, it still works half-decent.
  13. I'm guessing your video means you want a second european server instead of enlarging the slot capacity. Well, you're the guy with know-how so nevermind.
  14. The only pro for that is that no scout, no engi and no other limited class can stop a boss rage in the most situations but I just agree it's mostly a too high advantage against the hale. I remember I learned so much english for writing here so much. Good times but I forgot about the half.
  15. I see 24/24 players very often so I suggest for more player slots like up to 28 or 32 slots. Please tell me if I've to prove that if you don't see the same.