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  1. So I have a two questions for everypony about Season 3: For the "villains" of the show, we had Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis. Is there any villain everypony can imagine or would think would be part of Season 3? Also, we already met the siblings of: Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle. Does everypony want to see a sibling for the other Mane 6 and if so, what do you think they'd be like?
  2. Sorry if I sound like a twit, but is there a Ponyville "Join Server" button updated for Mann v Machine out yet/in progress? I don't like the fact that I have to go into my TF2 files just to remove the game menu file just so I can access Mann v Machine button in order to play a game.
  3. Hey there everypony! Do you guys happen to know if Minecraft will create a feature in which players can change their username? When I bought the game I used my name for my e-mail, uknowingly also adding that as my username in the game as well. I was just wondering because I want to change my username to my gamer name, obviously being Mentlegen Trollface. Any info would be appreciated!
  4. IGN: justinsnews9 Pony-class: Pegasus
  5. Hey everypony, do you all have advice for me who is not only going to their first job orientation tomorrow and is starting college Monday? I'm kinda nervous for some reason. :|

    1. Lord Fluffy

      Lord Fluffy

      Just listen. if you listen well and understand everything said to you you'll do fine

  6. So two of my friends are planning an unofficial San Diego Brony Con. Even though it won't be for a while and might not come to pass, any bronies that live around here?

  7. All my friends are getting part-time jobs, except me. BUT I WON'T GIVE UP.

  8. Hey anyone, what's the tags for TF2 for Ponyville servers? I got a new laptop for my graduation gift, but Steam didn't keep my favorite servers on here, most importantly Ponyville.

    1. Haze


      the server IPs are at the bottom of the forum page and all


    1. Ruby


      one more week for me... it feels as if my high school is one of the last schools to graduate... anywhere

  10. My computer is finally fixed to the degree that I can play TF2 without crashing! I'M BACK, WOOT~

  11. I just saw Batman and Robin for the first time ever. Oh God, the lols. Especially you Arnold, your puns were so bad it was funny to me.
  12. My computer's graphics drive has been broken and I haven't been able to play TF2 for 8 months now and still counting. ;~~~~; I can't believe the ranks restarted. I MISSED SO MUCH.