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  1. In my opinion, less then 140 is equally stupid. For a hale, regardless of class, to be unable to kill medics, pyros, or swordless demos in one hit without also having some form of increased attack speed is ludicrous. and don't forget what happens when damage resistance buffs like the buff banner or KGB come into play. It turns into an absolute shitshow because the hale gets eaten alive in the middle of a pile of people who simply can't die. Just look at R-Dash or Thi Billet. To me, 180 seems perfectly reasonable, it picks off lighter classes while still giving the heavier ones a chance to escape, not to mention the various ways people can increase their current and maximum health counts. I agree that the spy hales who exceed that amount are in serious need of a nerf. 210 (Chrysalis) looks okay but in practice is actually really bad, while 336 (Rarity) and 360 (Discord) are just plain outrageous. Were it not for her ability to stab instantly out of cloak, which may I add is not really fixed, Flutterbat's 180 base damage would be very reasonable.
  2. Would you rather have it do the same damage as a normal spy? It would be literally impossible to win if that were the case. I'm looking at a base damage of 195 as a fix to the over-the-top damage other spy hales get however. 195 as opposed to the 250-ish they normally do. EDIT: After a bit of research, I think I'll go for a base damage of 150. 210 is ridiculous. EDIT 2: After further research, I'll go with 180. This is the same base damage as Flutterbat. Chrysalis has 210 and Rarity has 336, both of these are criminally high.
  3. Introducing Thorax! Thorax is a changeling protagonist who was introduced in Episode 16 of Season 6 and featured in the Season 6 Finale. He comes in two forms: Standard and Reformed. The standard form is almost identical to that of a normal changeling, save for a slightly bluer tint and sparkly wings. The Reformed form is the form Thorax takes on in the Finale. Have a look! Proposed Abilities: Normal Form: Weapon: The Black Rose Silent Killer Disguise on backstab Essentially the same knife as minion changelings, with the added damage buff that is standard with Spy Hales Primary abilities: Super Jump (1.5 second charge time, 7 second cooldown) Weighdown Again, fairly standard hale abilities. Rage: Transformation On Rage, creates a medium-sized explosion that knocks players back and damages or destroys buildings Along with the explosion, Thorax transforms, taking on the Reformed Form for 15 seconds. The explosion's force will not be strong enough to knock people off the map from absolutely anywhere. It should have roughly as much force as a standard Airblast, and is intended as a means to push Engineers away from their buildings as well as to give melee users a little room to breathe when dealing with Reformed Thorax's increased stats. Reformed Form: Weapon: Your Eternal Reward Silent Killer +50% Damage on Buildings +50% Knockback resistance +25% Damage Resistance Knockback resistance is meant to combat Airblast-happy Pyros and to finish off Engineer Nests that survived the initial explosion. Primary Abilities remain the same There is no need to change Reformed Thorax's basic abilities, Super Jump works just fine for the intended playstyle. Rage: Should Thorax build up full rage again before the 15 seconds are up, he will generate another explosion and the 15-second timer will be renewed. This honestly should be a rare occasion, as inflicting damage equating 100% rage twice in the span of 15 seconds usually means the hale is AFK or really shouldn't be playing Hale. Music: What good is a hale if it doesn't come with some neat music? Theme 1: RuneScape - Zaros Zeitgeist Theme 2: Conker's Bad Fur Day - Sloprano, Final Movement Theme 3: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Final Battle And lastly, Thorax has a few voice lines pulled from his dialogue in the show. And that's it! I'd like to extend a warm thank-you to No Name for his helpful advice and for providing me with the updated changeling base used in the Normal Form, as well as the gradient texture on the Reformed Form. Feedback is welcome, and suggestions are as well!
  4. There is currently a map exploit on vsh_battle_creek in which an engineer can go out-of-bounds by placing a teleporter in the right spot. He can then build a sentry and shoot the hale from this spot, but the hale will be unable to reach him or his sentry. Teleport or spy bosses can reach him, but will then be trapped there until they teleport again or commit suicide.
  5. I support this. Kyle's a really cool guy and knows his way around the servers. He's been here as long as I can remember and he understands the rules well. There is a fine line between a mod who doesn't do his job and a mod who takes his job much too seriously. I believe Kyle also knows this balance and is able to maintain it. The point of having moderators is to keep the server pleasant and fun for all who play, all the while enforcing rules in a polite but effective manner, not to turn the server into a dictatorship. Kyle knows this too, and I'm absolutely positive he can uphold that standard. Therefore, I vote YES.
  6. I've also seen my fair share of odd things since the update. These include: Map-induced stuns, such as when the hale falls off the map on maps such as oilrig or nucleus, do not work. The hale takes the damage from the fall but does not get the stun or the invulnerability that comes with it. Under certain conditions, Scouts wielding the Shortstop are still able to double-jump, but are unable to ignite the hale unless they land a crit. In the recent update, the Spy's base speed was increased from 300 to 320. This also affects any Spy hale, making them slightly more powerful, especially later in the round, when the Escape Plan effect kicks in and their speed increases even further. Telegoombas are once again possible and will deal full goomba stomp damage, rather than the ~50 damage it is supposed to do. On a side note I've found a map exploit on vsh_battle_creek in which an engineer can go out-of-bounds by placing a teleporter in the right spot. He can then build a sentry and shoot the hale from this spot, but the hale will be unable to reach him or his sentry. Teleport or spy bosses can reach him, but will then be trapped there until they teleport again or commit suicide.
  7. In VSP, Backstabs are coded to deal roughly 9% of the Hale's maximum health(which itself is roughly 500 + 1000x the number of players on RED) , whereas in vanilla TF2, backstabs are coded to deal 6 times the victim's current health. Either way, every knife uses identical damage calculation and it would be insanely difficult and time consuming (if even possible) to come up with a new damage calculation for just one knife, especially if you expect this calculation to be balanced.
  8. I've often noticed a distinct lack of staff present at certain peak times, mostly evenings. Of course I understand that they're otherwise occupided, so I'd like to suggest the following: There exists a plugin that console mutes a player for the remainder of a map if the majority of the other players on the server use the game's clientside mute feature. I've seen this plugin implemented in a few trade servers where micspammers are common and it felt like it would be a good idea to implement it here as well. We could use this as a way to allow players to deal with people who micspam or abuse their mic privileges (via hotmiking, giving unnecessary and nonstop commentary, or just plain terrible mic quality) even when staff isn't available.At the same time it can teach players that the game does have a clientside mute feature, as may players seem to forget that it exists. We can also remind players via automated chat announcements of the existence of this feature, in a manner similar to how we advertise donations, server hopping, and the !calladmin feature.
  9. 1.Soldier, Sniper, or Engineer 2.Scout 3. Engineers if they know how to telefrag 4.No 5.Rage 6. between 2000 and 6000 7.between 1,500 and 4,500 8.VSP for 2 years, VSH/FF2 as a whole for 4 years 9. 7.8/10 10.Telefrag Engineer and Spell Jumper Soldier
  10. I'm looking to set up a test server so I can work on hale projects, but i don't know how to set everything up. I have a bunch of the SourceMod files and others, but I don't know where to go from there. If anyone could give me a few helpful pointers on the matter it would be greatly appreciated. This would be used to test Screwball's code as well as any other hale I try my hand at coding in the future.
  11. Loving the new website look!

  12. Boss themes are usually provided by the people making and submitting the hales they are for, or as additions to other hales they've made when submitting new ones. I.E.: I sent new themes and soundfiles for Nightmarity when sending in Screwball's files. In response to your question, most of the time it's up to the one who made the hale. In Rainbow Dash's case, that would be Jug. However Jug isn't around much anymore so it would be hard to get a hold of him. As for translated versions of songs, I don't really know what to tell you other than type !halemusic in chat and then select OFF to turn the music off and listen to what you feel like listening to. Of course there's always the option to manually mod your files, but that's a pretty complicated process if you don't know what to do, which involves downloading the music you want and optimizing it to VSP's soundfile standards: High volume, maximum of 44kHZ frequency, .mp3 file format, being a similar length to the song you're replacing, switching filenames, so forth.
  13. It's cute to see people rage about spells. Just enjoy the chaos, don't get mad at it.

    1. spun


      dude, thank you. vsp was meant to be fun, for fucks sake! and spells just add to it! people need to understand that vsp isn't supposed to be taken seriously nor should it even be "balanced"!

    2. Yukumazi


      VSP? Balanced

      People upset about something the game shouldn't have to begin with?

      TF2 is a big meme.

    3. Karlamena


      Any status or post that starts with, "It's cute" is cute.

      #Cutelife :'c

  14. In my opinion, spells being stuck like this is a good thing. Players always complain about how OP they are, but they also complain about how OP hales are when they die. Does that mean we should be removing hales? No. If they don't like it then they can either learn to cope or leave. I, for one will not miss them. Leave spells be, and if Valve sees fit to restore Attribute 258, then they'll be fixed. If in say, 3-4 months from now there is no change regarding Attribute 258, then we may as well consider taking action and/or removing them. That delay also gives our (and other) programmers the time to come up with a solution, and if one is found, put it to use. Until, let the spell haters rage and let the spell users prosper. They only have a short time remaining to have their fun.
  15. ...Screwball model! After being shelved for almost a year and a half, I finally decided to get off my lazy backside and work on the Screwball model some more. With a some help from No Name in the form of the new Scout base, jigglebone rigging, and some useful tips, this is what I'm able to come up with after a a couple days of messing around and self-teaching my way around Blender. I'm still brainstorming on abilities, though I have a fairly good idea of what she'd do, what with her being a chaos-themed hale. It involves random number generation and things from the Halloween 2012 and 2014 events.