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  1. As PBandJ said, you have to be careful about what you say on the servers. We might have times we are angry, not feeling in a good mood, or a person is on our last nerve. It's good that you are feeling sorry for what you have done, I don't know the incident myself, but as he said, admins are in control of this. Anger gives no right, no matter the reason. And if you get ungagged/unmuted, I hope you have not only learned it, but also been able to put it to practice. I would suggest to give you a chance, but be careful about what you say and how you act.
  2. Realized something, new season of MLP is scheduled for the 4th of April >:U The only thing that can rival my Birthday on the 9th of april, D:< Damn you MLP

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      This is a bad thing how, again? Think of pony as an early birthday present.

  3. Got some new art from my favorite artist Sketchit :) Duke Greywinter going to the aid to the town from a Timberwolf Attack
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I did write this out of the blue and with so much going in my head I was bogged down with a few thoughts that made me forget others. Feel just stupid writing things and posting them :U Just feel like a big silly.
  5. Foreword It's only a quick "spur of the moment" writing I suddenly had while bored, it's rough'ish and I plan on making changer and either redo or fill a bit more into some areas, but now I want others to say what they think of how it is at this moment, so yeah D: Not done, still in a -fixing- state, but want to hear feedback. Finally got a name for my OC now, Duke Greywinter. First Draft of Duke Greywinter's Story Up on the hill, overlooking the town of Withertree, lived the Winters family aptly named for their family's love of ice and snow. They were seen as the towns benefactors, their connections with other towns and businesses gave the people of Withertree jobs as well as trade goods. They were seen as the benefactors, unofficial -owners- of the town. Soon over time their family generations had made its impact and gained notoriety in the capital of Equestria, and they were invited to a ceremony at Canterlot Castle, where the current ruling princess Celestia would bestow upon them the title of Duke and Duchess of Withertree. With the title, they gained official guardianship of the town and its surrounding lands, giving them allowance to have a small military force to their disposal, lands to gain tax from and a plethora of fertile land and materials to sell and trade for the good of the town and Equestria.They were popular among their town and the businesses all around Equestria, their town of Withertree located by the Sea Of Torrentia, shielding them from one side, the other with a thick tree covered mountain, known as Oscars Peak, named of the first pony to set his hoofs on top of it.There were two main roads in an out of the town, one going through a ponymade passage through the woods and between the peaks of the mountain leading to their neighboring town of Stonesorrow. The other road leading straight north towards the wilderness, road meant to be towards another town, but it has yet to be made.He was only 12 years of age when the tragedy that struck his home town of Withertree in The Northern Way.The days running up to the horrifying day were filled with rumors and scared voices. "They will surely arrive here soon, we must do something!" One would say, but another voice would speak, "Why would they? We have nothing of worth to them, nor have we done any harm to anyone." A mixture of fear and false security seemed to blanket the town.Little Greywinter lived in the mansion, rarely allowed out to play with others, only allowed to do so when he had finished his work the tutor gave him was satisfactory to his father, rarely happened, but his mother gave him some leeway when possible. He loved to run around with the other kids from the town, even if he was at times the butt of most jokes, he didn't mind it, being around other ponies his own age was wonderful. On the day, all was calm, as cold as any other day one would say. Greywinter was working with his father on his articulation, having issues with speech from rarely speaking, always getting talked to. There was a scream, a roar from what seemed out of nowhere, muffled by the halls that protected them from the outside. His father ran towards the window and stared down towards the town. A streak of brown with ice flew past the window and startled him, nearly making him fall to the ground. "Grey, go find your mother...NOW!" He stood back up and with a face that little Grey has never seen on his father before, a stare that made his insides go solid. "GO!" His father yelled again, and Grey ran as fast as he could out of the marble sitting room.He took a second glance back towards his father, he was running towards the front door. Crying, but his face was that of stone, an expression he has never seen before. His father used his magic and lifted a large hammer that was displayed over the fireplace that was placed in the main hall. The large heavy oak doors swinging effortlessly open and shutting with a bang after him as he was running down towards the town.Greywinter meet his mother halfway up the stairs towards the second floor. "Mommy, father jus-." But he was cut off as his mothers expression gave him another surprise, a chill that froze him to his very core. She was scared. She lifted him with her magic, and ran back up the stairs. She didn't speak as she ran with the servants into the library at the far end of the house, a tall room with barely any windows, only few were small and colored glass so one could not see outside. They barricaded the doors once the last of the house staff were safely inside.There were sobbing and immediately there were talk among the staff. Grey looked up at his mother. "Mommy, d-daddy went outside. Why did he go outside?" His mother pulled him closer to her, not using her magic now, holding her hoofs around him as she spoke with a shaky but calm voice. "Y-you know how father loves you and w-wishes to keep you safe..Well little G-grey.." He nodded up at her, tears welling up around his eyes. "The has to h-help the town as well now...t...they need help to..." Before she could speak any further, as if a lighting bolt in the dark, a loud howl could be heard right outside, then another...and another, a chorus of cries to the sky were heard reverberate in the library.They did not dare venture outside of the safe walls of the library until very late the next day, once the food some of the staff has hastily carried with them had run out. There were an eerie silence over the mansion, only hoofsteps were heard. His mother keeping him right next to her, not letting him go from her at all. The view out the broken window down towards the town was one that were to set into his memory forever. The town looked like it had been torn through by some unseen force, a street burnt out, smoldering embers left in the destructive fires wake. The cries suddenly audible now as the window was gone, he heard them down there, muffled no longer. A foals screaming for its mother, a mare for its loved one, a stallion for its family, all he could hear, he stood there staring, his mother trying to pull him away but failing to move him an inch. His wonderful world of Withertree had turned into a nightmare, his brain bombarded with emotions and information, he couldn't understand, why here...why them?The small army was already in position, seeing to wounded ponies, searching for the ones trapped in buildings and those who might have run off to hide in the forest. His mother kept him from the town, having a proximity spell put on him, making him stay with her, but she wouldn't have needed to, he was scared and had no wish to leave her side. It took a moment before he realized his father was not back. Asking his mother, she gave no answer. "TIMBERWOLF ATTACKS WITHERTREE" was the headline of the papers that was barely able to run in town, but no one needed to read it, they knew it would come. His mother called in all the favors that the Winters had earned through the ears, stronghoofing businesses to lend aid and threatening other prominent homes of blackmail if they did not help. She turned harsh from what has happened. It was on the second day that his father returned, carried by two army medics on a gurney, he was alive, but only barely. He had rushed to the aid of the people of the town, eyewitnesses say he was fearless, majestic as he ran to protect the elderly and young ones as they hurried off to safety. His fathers bravery was told and re-told so many times, and sent over in newspapers that it was not soon after the families and businesses who had been strong armed and threatened into support has spoken out with pride and loyalty that they was happy to help the Winter family and the town of Withertree, gaining themselves fame as the friends of a hero, basking in his fathers glory. It was only on confidence at a much older age that his father told him why he did it, why he rushed to protect the town from the Timberwolfs. "I did not do it for the glory, or fame, I could not care less for what other ponies think of status. I did it because I can not stand still when other are in danger, it is what makes us Winters so special, it's the bravery that runs inside us all, the fearless stallion that lives inside me...inside you..." His last words to his son Grey, before he passed away. His mother, came down ill with a strange infection not long after, rumors circulated saying it was heartbreak, that she could not live without her love. Grey, now Duke Greywinter, having taken up the family name and title of Duke from his father, was not a foal any more. He was a stallion, his face set in stone, showing only what he felt the ponies of the newly rebuilt town of Withertree needed to see, shielding them from the insecure and scared boy who cowered in the shadow of his father.
  6. It is simple as this, when it comes to having said something bad, you can be forgiven, but here I will post a rule that I believe will settle this matter. Hacking of any kind -- especially in the form of aim/trigger bots and wall/speed/flying hacks -- will result in an unnegotiable permanent Ban. This rule encompasses scripts and macros which exceed the scope of normal gameplay. I'm not an admin, but I believe this means there will be no negotiation regarding uplifting any ban given due of hacking. I do not like hackers personally, I see no reason why one would ruin a game that one likes just because one isn't skilled enough.
  7. And you post this here because?
  8. I have no favorite, because I dont play a Hale, HE PLAYS ME >:U THE LAAAWWWW!
  9. My Twitch where I stream when I have a night off :) And my youtube where I upload videos and such :D
  10. cdrfvdfju8ikhkim,ofvrtcg km, mjnmk,ijohyj7nucfvrdbnhyu7fgt5rxcde nmjhuvcfrgt Realized I have a long name. (Or a very large forehead)
  11. My desktop as of current showing off two of my favorite games :)
  12. :U One day, valentines day will make sense to me, hopefully...

  13. Happy Singles Awareness Day! People :U

  14. All is well, computer and internet is awesome, man I love the future!

  15. Going to refresh my windows 8.1 in the hopes of it will fix my internet issue, so you wont see me on here for maybe a while. Wish me luck!