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  1. u.s. & eu Pony vs server did't open today ?

  2. Hi guy remember my previous game version ? it's double diamond story > and now we still to make real version "Story of mane 6" and DEMO version is ready , but before i release and send to equestriadaily team , i want you guy helping me for test my game , because some player , who use laptop to play meet some bug in game , Download link - so , i want to know your space system your PC or your laptop , if we fix any bug is clear , i will send to equestriadaily team to promote , Thank you. oh and if anyone don't know about my game , it's Dating pony game , here , it's teaser.
  3. good layout , but how can i donate ??

    1. Rainy


      Hi Parn!

      There is a donate button on the menu now if you want to get Donor on the servers.

      Unfortunately, I am transferring servers right now, so only Ponyville Japan and Ponyville Europe are online at the moment.

  4. we have website already , but now it 's Thai language , we looking for English version too , but soon yeb , now i want to see any comment , for make sure we can make next project to be better!
  5. Hi y' all Now me and my team from Thailand make Fan-Made game from My Little Pony , i think too many girl will be interest , It 's My Little Sweet Heart , The Visual Novels Pony Dating Game , dating sim game for girls but write by male , we make this game over 7 month! Download game by here - Have Fun =D
  6. ok , sorry for reply too late , i just give some rest after my work at Thailandponycon2015 now i change file to MP3 and it 's work! Thank you for your help!
  7. i download mods voice from here - but after updates patch , it 's not work , only model skin is work. have any idea for fix it ?
  8. This 's problem has begin yesterday , i can 't change to pony model , That 's time , website ponyville can 't enter , But later i disconnect and join again , i can change, Now , today , after server close (i not sure server close or not , because i can 't see list server) i can 't change to pony model again . but later when server change next map , i can change model again of course ,i donate already , so , what 's happend ? and how to fix it ? Thank
  9. i can ' t remember name map , but when i know , i will tell you later , Thank
  10. i play Engineer and my style is create Sentry on the Roof , (or high place) i get to high place by jump , use sentry to shoot me and use teleport, someone order me for get out roof , or they call admin for ban me , i play with style every time and Boss can jump or use rage to kill me , and nobody has problem with my style (i play at Texas) so , Now it 's new rule ? I respect the rules , if rule is not to do that , i will never to play with it , Thank you
  11. character can 't move want i use Taunts Conga after Helloween patch , How to fix it ? Thank you
  12. after update patch , i can 't join all sever VS pony "this ' s sever use old version" how can i join to play ? or wait admin for fix it ? Thankyou
  13. My friends want to play , but it 's long time to download, i want to help him ny upload all file ponyville in Foder game to him , so.. Where all file ponyville in Foder game ? Thankyou