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  1. Greetings Bronies! This is Dr. Psych Ology, the lead researcher on The Brony Study. I would like to thank everyone who has completed the survey and/or left comments here at Ponyville. I would like to respond to a few of the comments posted in response to the Survey: 1) I am not an English major! I had the Survey proofed by six other individuals and ran it through spell check at the Vovici site several times. A project this large (and thank you to those who pushed on and didn't give up at the length) will naturally include some errors. If you will e-mail us with a list of the spelling errors (Bronystudy@gmail.com) I will correct as many as possible. 2) Some of the subscales, such as the spirituality and internet items, were not my creations and had to be used the way they were written. This allows us to compare the Brony Community with other populations who have already completed these subscales. One was translated into English adding to some of the ackwardness of its items. 3) With respect to the Transgender issue. You will notice (as some of you did) that this question was rewritten from the first Survey, it now inquires into IDENTITY not SEXUAL ORIENTATION. This has been the one item that has generated a steady flow of comments to our site. The comments break fairly evenly into two groups. One group is thankful that we included it as they often feel overlook and leftout when completing such questions (it is an important part of their identity). The second group, a very vocal group, feels that Transgender should not be included on the list of sexual orientations (I don't entirely disagree with them). Because of this feedback we removed the reference to Sexual Orientation in the questions body so that it would relate more to the responder's identity. 4) It saddens me that some Bronies would choose to abandon their participation in the project because of a single item or grammer errors. But that is of course your choice. If you are serious enough about your criticism than I suggest that you join our effort as a Research Associate (watch the web site for further information) and I will gladly assign you as the lead grammer and spell checker! Just as an aside, I had a professor (PhD Clinical Psychologist) who use to loudly argue that there was no such thing as "Bisexuality." I did not argree with him but he had a right to his opinion just as all of you have a right to yours! I am trying to keep my eye on the bigger picture of the Brony Community as a whole! Again, thank you to the over 5000 Bronies who have completed the Survey within the first 12 hours!!!! A population response unlike any I have ever seen! Dr Psych Ology
  2. I hope to see a lot of you at BroNYcon! I will be presenting the study results form the bronystudy in the time slot before lunch. It will feature some of Johnny Hoof's new original pony artwork!
  3. We could not have planned it better... the day we launch our website www.bronystudy.com and begin collecting data an article graces the front page of the Wall Street Journal about the existence of Bronies. Please help us in this academic endeavor. We need your help! Be one of the first to take our survey and help advance the understanding of what it means to be "a Brony". Please share this link with your friends.