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  1. I am not talking about those mod/admin, their have been more then other people then just them, but like i have been saying unless i see it, and unless other people have seen it then i would put in a vote, but as of now, i am not, because like they say evidence speak for itself, just a little hint, people can get mod but they usually have to enforce the rules in a nice manner, also they have to abide by the rules, and wiling to tell even there friends they are doing wrong, just like i said their has been allot of mod that hadn't been enforcing the rule when we had those chat sound and people would spam the hell out of it, even when other people ask them to stop, because people knew them, see its one thing to be mod, anyone can be mod, it take a certain kind of person to be a great mod, people are wiling to add to their friends list to help them in their time of need. So for now unless i see and allot of other people see evidence of maturity then myself and probably allot of other people will consider you for mod, but hey im not the one making people mod, im just giving my input.
  2. I would still would like to wait for a little more maturity and less complaining, granted i don't know him personality, but even still people that tell other people to got against other mods, but not only that, but bind spamming and leaving wouldn't be mod material, but then again there are other mod that have that problem, but they don't spam the same thing, one mod that i know has his whole keyboard with binds and forgets which one it is, so it seem like bind spam, but also how would i know that he wouldn't be friendly once he get mod? because i seen quite a few EU mods that has been nothing but friendly what stopping him from doing the samething? look all in all im just saying unless he can show a little more maturity in the future then yes i would vote.
  3. I wouldn't recommend him not unless its for the funbox, other then that, i wouldn't vote for him. Granted there are some mod that are rude and are harsh but the thing is, they're doing their job, not only that, but when im on there all i hear is complaints (granted there is allot of people that complain about the server I.E me myself) but i do not want to recommend myself, because then i would have to follow more rules then i should, but even still people that get mod, have to have a certain mind set to not be "OOh i have mod i can do whatever i want" granted i dont think of kyle like that, but even still when you have someone complain about the mod staff why get him to be mod? "so he can make the staff better then what they are" ok i seen allot of people that had that kind of mind set. They went the wrong way and abused there powers, now unless he can show more maturity, then yes maybe ill put in a vote, but for now i wouldn't considering him to be mod.
  4. You could be mistaken zeke for other player, considering i seen other player talk allot of shit for ping, I.E me and im not gonna hide it, because high ping people shouldn't even need to rage, and no it doesn't go both way's, why because people with higher ping has a higher advantage then normal ping, which i already talked about in a different post, and i don't remember him saying that, because if zeke is gonna talk crap to people, he would rather tell you on mic, and not waste time about typing. Me on the other hand i will criticize anyone who think they are better then people, or people who say "Ez" "you people suck" all these other comment from players brag, and you have high ping, yea no im gonna talk shit, because high ping people shouldn't talk shit like that. But considering that thing are getting nerf finally im hoping the server getting moved to the new computer server. This isnt about that though, so im just gonna do my vote, and I nominate zeke aileron for mod http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088162209/
  5. ha peeled banana
  6. Ha that look funny, idk to me though i think the banana should be open and the skin of the banana would flop around when she swung it... :p but that might be asking a little to much though
  7. ha thin it would be a like old soggy banana flopping around, i was thinking like having the banana like piled open and she just swing that around, but i see why you would just want her to just have the whip instead of the censor bar
  8. I would agree with you and there as point i wouldn't, on which i will explain, the boss is hardly ever been played for a good while, or hardly when i joined the server and play, even though they are on there, not that many people with donor status play this duo hale, yea people hate this hale, but you can also say the same for Nightmare rarity, Dovashy (on maps that are stupid), Judge stallion, Flufflepuff, Queen chrysalis (do to attack speed) Daring do( do to some totem being a little more powerful thin other) my PERSONAL favorite to hate the most, Doughnut steel... see there are allot of hale on the server that allot of people would agree and disagree on, but i would rather give them something that show they were meant for being kinky. It's not like they are showing anything anyways i mean the ponies are naked anyways ;D, but like i said i can see where you're getting at. And as i said i would agree and i would also disagree which i hope i explained enough.
  9. HHHEEELLLLOOOO ladies and gentlemen, boy and galz, Fillies and gentlecolts, I have a question and a favor to ask of you, YES you the people/pony/alien/idk reading this topic. With the addition of Kinky Pie and Molestia getting a sexy new makeover Which can bee seen here... The question and favor is the fact of the weapons that they should have, Which in my opinion i think they should have oor rather Kinky pie should have this as her weapon :D ... which i had asked no name if he was going to do it, which he reply i should ask around first and try to get people to see if they wanted, Not only that but with the case of Molestia getting her Giant Banana as a weapon, So i should bestole apone you let make this happen, instead of getting the oolllddd style weapons and instead Get something new. Thanks you for reading, also for those of you that pick option 3 plz leave a comment in the bottom of this post for weapon idea.
  10. The command for that is easy, just google cl_cmdrate default not that hard
  11. what proof is that if you dont remember it, i have proof stating she is wiling to get a server for the pf2, Which mean that we can easily get to MOVE THE SERVER TO JERSEY. "We definitely have the resources to add new servers. That being said, I can't speak for DragonLight when it comes to his mod. He put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating MLP Heroes and I've seen first-hand how people have tried to steal it from him in the past. If he wishes to share his mod and code with Ponyville.net, I will gladly dedicate a server to running it, but that is entirely up to him. I do not want people to put any kind of pressure on him to do this. He should not be pressured to hand over his code and personal work simply because people request it of him. If PF2 members stick around and there is significant demand for a mod like this, then I will consider getting the people and resources together to code something similar. However, I would likely need to commission this type of work and I do not at this time have the money for it." Yes, resources to add new servers on a dedicated hosting machine, still all located in Texas. Not resources to buy more machines in other states to make servers on. Yes raini explained it, what what we agreed on is testing a clone server and giving feedback, which will hopefully in-return make the server 10x thin what it current status is.
  12. hmm that why i said i don't want to make haste of the situation, because thin it would just be for waste, like i said there is a large about of people that are wiling to tested it out, just let us know, and the people that would be great for feedback would probably be the people that play the most and see how the hit reg work in it magical way. people would be down under for over sea, taoru for oversea, col for hit box reg, me for hit box reg, zeke for hit box reg, any other people that would like to test it out, i would encourage them to say so
  13. Well Raini he's not saying we are making this server specifically for having the EU server players to play on the Texas server even tho that WOULD be nice. What col is saying is that a lot of ppl that aren't from texas or are from the EU side that don't play EU becuase they have so many friends from texas the refuse to play on a the server that gives them better ping. This is why having it be a Jersey server would be such a good idea. Anyone from area's that are just too far from texas and EU would have a better place to join if the texas server was moved to Jersey. I have PERSONALLY TALKED TO THE EU players and trust me this will not kill that server as they said they will most likely stay on EU frankly becuase they think the texas players are jerks. So all in all EU players or players that are too far from texas and EU to have good ping on either that don't live in JAP or Aussy will have a nice middle ground in Jersey. If money is a problem there has to be a way we can help Raini. Please give it a chance. We wouldn't be fighting this hard if we didn't think this was such a good idea. Thank you for reading~ Before we do that i want to see the cloned server in action, before anything else is decided and make any action and it just let it go to waste. I will be glad to test out anything, me and allot of other people would love to put into allot of feedback, and i would suggest getting people from over sea like Down under, Taoru and other people that live over sea to test it out.
  14. Hmm Forgive it for it will sound rude, I Well believe it when i see it in action in a couple of day, on which i feel that when you're going to be moving it once everything is settled.
  15. getting a new machine is similar to that in getting a new car, once you get one everyone will want to ride it, which ill probably slow it down, the only reason i say that is, because you're running the ark server with 128, you're going to run both dallas server,i feel like that just going to slow it down but that is my opinion,(i only like knew a couple of people that ran there own server and they're the best damn server ever, im talking about the people that ran the area51 server for hl2dm, Tf2, csgo, minecraft, garrymode, which they are running 11 server, granted i think only like 5 are probably home server, but they know what there doing) Anyways if you're wiling to make a patreon, or kickstarter or whatever people use, and ask for like 1500 to 2000, that should give you a server that has the max 32 player with like server talk, and keep it going for like 2 years, plus that will give you an extra to do allot for commission for mod and other thing for the server, not only that but you can get rid of the eu server, keep the Japanese server and also get rid of the California server, which will save you some money via Maintenance. That just me and my opinion with the money thing, also if you're going to do that thin i suggest like some kinda of reward for people that add the most, which you probably already knew that.