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  1. Garden Warfare 2 hype !

  2. Star Wars Episode VII was awesome :D

    1. Taoru


      Now I'm even more excited about seeing it ;~;

    2. Aurotzel


      I was never really that excited, but was gonna see it nonetheless. I figured it'd be bad though, and everyone would be upset, have only seen positive reactions so far.

    3. Skeith


      I've seen mixed reactions. I liked it myself personally.

  3. Battlefront hype !

    1. Taoru


      It looks fun atleast, even if it lit up my pc after 5 mins of running :3

    2. » error

      » error

      i wish i could play it on my PC but mine would probably die trying too, so for now i'll just go with the console version.

  4. usually play a mixture of regular pubs and mod gamemodes. started way back in 2010 with prophunt, then jumped over to the Wario Ware mod and Advanced Weaponiser. started playing on the Pony Fortress 2 servers in 2013, and jumped shipped to here in July 2014. Recently though have been cutting my TF2 time down a bit to focus on other things only really jumping on to play pubs / do contracts with my brother. VSP has been falling off recently for me (see variety of bosses thread) as well as some of the newer people that have been on the servers lately and some of older ones that haven't been on. I'll probably play more when an update hits whether its TF2 or VSP (heh...)
  5. It's been a while since played a stealth game, but I'm really enjoying MGS V at the moment.

  6. A couple more favourites of mine.
  7. And deny your whole team the tracker, if you were talking rifle skins? It's already hard enough to kill hales who have some experience nowadays, no need to make it even harder. I never said I wanted the rifle skins to stay as they are because eventually they'll more than likely get stats, i just said it's a nice challenge. As for outlines these are not a key factor in beating a hale (some people have configs / settings that disables outlines so they wouldn't see the hale regardless of rifle used). There are plenty of other things that allow the team to locate and / or beat the hale i.e sentry gun tracking, knowing the maps and predicting their movement, watching where your team are and listening to call outs and then add to the fact that 9 times out of 10 there will be more than one sniper in which at least one of them will have a "stats rifle".
  8. kinda getting use to the new invis to be honest, the speed boost is nice as a quick catch up, but if it does get altered back to having the resistances, i'd happily welcome the idea of the Cloak and Dagger having the stats of the invis watch in its current state. don't really mind the skins not having stats either, adds a a nice challenge to sniper atleast.
  9. doing a bit of streaming if anyones interested: http://www.twitch.tv/the_king_error

  10. usually roll stock, but for minion hales I'll use the machina (multi kill hype) and for close quarters maps the huntsman.
  11. This or Machina multi kills are always nice, especially when its out of the blue because of a cloaked spy or someone dropping in shot at the last second. and of course giving out gifts throughout the server.
  12. It happens to regular models too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474020753