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  1. Airstrike, Gunboats, Disciplinary Action Boss was Maude Pie iirc
  2. Master Beard if you knew me IRL this would be the most fitting thing ever and look who i made! (kinda)
  3. Anyone know a good site to get Brony Tshirts at 4XL? most of the ones ive seen go up to 3XL at the most, and i'm a rather large gentleman. any help would be appreciated.
  4. So recently when a boss comes up, music dosen't play for the boss. sometimes it works for like applejack and fluttershy but for rarity or Pinkie i get nothing i don't know why some work and some dont also i appear to be the only one having this problem since ive heard Smile HD in the background of someone voicechatting while pinkie is the boss while i dont get it at all. ive been told to reset music and stuff but i tried that and it didnt work, its a minor issue but one i would like to try and resolve thanks.