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  1. Pretty cool so far, the graphics are very nice and work well. I'm guessing you're looking for constructive criticism, so here goes: The font and how its used doesn't look too great in most parts, somethings missing in styling there. The mini-game could do with some sound effects to make it more interesting. AI is great, though. More animation on the graphics and changes in scenery could make it more interesting to look at. Fullscreen would be a nice option, especially if people ever want to stream the game. Keep at it, you've got some great potential with it.
  2. Always good to see your games here. I'l check it out on my systems and see how it works out.
  3. As far as I know, dispensers cannot have their healing blocked with an item attribute. You can turn off primary ammo collection, though.
  4. I agree with all the points listed. If we get a list of good replacement maps we may be able to try that out.
  5. 1.Engineer 2.Soldier 3. Demoman 4. Not really 5.None of the above, typically getting hit by the hale kills me, sometimes helped by rage 6. 2000 7.100 8.1.7 years 9.5/7 10.Engineer
  6. A basic hale server consists of a TF2 Server, Metamod, Sourcemod, TF2Items, and FF2. However, VSP uses some custom code for teleports and such and I don't know specifically how that all works together or what you'd need to accurately make hales for VSP. Sarysa or Raini should be able to tell you the customizations that are required. If you find out how, I'd like to write up a guide on that for future devs.
  7. Maximum Upgrades, wiki deployment in planning, thank you to Raini for the awesome improvements <3

    1. Rainy


      No problem. There are still a few things rough around the edges though and we're trying to figure out how to migrate SourceBans over still. I'm also sad that it appears we cannot migrate over our GameTracker ranking. =(

  8. I'd rather reduce the amount of rage to a minimum rather than a maximum. There needs to be a fix of some sort, the problem is should we make it give health like it originally did, or block pickups completely? A solution has been found with the combination of SDKHook_StartTouch and SDKHook_Touch. I tested these last night, but the trick is both of them have to be applied to the ammo crate. I did not see any attributes that obviously would replace 258, so I'm proceeding to complete a small plugin to correct the issue programmicly. With this plugin, spellbook users will not be able to pickup ammo crates at all, and most likely will be notified while they're standing on it that spellbooks block ammo pickup. This has the benefit of other players being able to use the ammo, while lessening the confusion of 'Why does ammo pickup do nothing?'. It might be possible to re-create attribute 258 by exchanging the ammo crate to a health pack only if the player has reduced health to receive it. The worst outcome would be that the ammo crate becomes a health pack for one iteration.
  9. If you spent as much time complaining as you did fixing, you wouldn't have to complain, and then you can actually say you did something. Can confirm attribute 258 is no longer effective. A player touching the ammo can be detected through OnPlayerTouch, but I have not found an event that allows the callback chain to stop the pickup, and workarounds would be very unsightly. Still testing.
  10. I understand this is frightening for you, and that you don't know whats going on or why its happening. The brain doesn't always need a good reason to create feelings. Instead, you most likely have a chemical imbalance which makes you very partial to suicidal tendencies and thoughts. There are a lot of positives, though. Many can't identify that their tendencies are shifted from how they should be. It can become very difficult for some to distinguish how they should feel and what they are actually feeling. You should not feel suicidal, you can identify that and say "Hey, wtf brain?". My suggestion would be to find proffessional help on this that will have a positive effect. Psyche wards are for critical conditions, they are not used for continual treatment generally. I cannot give you proffessional advice at all, all I can say is that any good proffessional isn't going to just send you to a ward because you bring up the subject. If your therapist is trigger happy in doing so and doesn't understand that you're not critical if you're really not, then you do have the option of switching proffessionals. Finding a good therapist can be difficult for some, but this is your life. The problem generally is how to communicate your feelings. Seeking treatment with residual suicidal tendency and not for suicide intervention can have its difficulties because you have to agree with yourself that you're not going to fulfill it. You can do that, and make it known that the actions your brain wants to happen are not the same as what you are going to do. Rather, you know that what you're feeling isn't right, and you want to make changes to your life that will help you fix it. There are lot of threads out there on Reddit that give good information on this and the experience of others. https://www.reddit.com/r/SWResources/comments/1c3p3z/helpful_resources_for_those_struggling_with/ My last suggestion, and I'm not trying to be mean or say your issue isn't serious or anything, but you may want to delete this thread and seek out places that are much more well equipped for it. I know from experience that it can feel very shameful to have threads running around that your friends and potential friends can find later on. Its not a topic many are able to deal with well.
  11. Due to the amount of new skins I built a small application to make the process much faster. Idunno when the skins will be updated, but I sent the app to simple, so sometime soon most likely.
  12. I, too, support this. Strew has been with us for a really long time. I don't know if there have been previous suggestions, but I do know that Strew would make an excellent moderator. In my experience he has never been over zealous in any action, and has a very well defined sense of stability and judgement. Knowing the rules is only a small part of what Strew is capable of.
  13. Merry Christmas to all! Steam unfortunately delayed giftmas, but there shall be more gifts.

    1. Karlamena


      It's Halloween, though :3

  14. For future reference, the !sounds command will let you disable saysounds for yourself.

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      the /sounds command, however, intentionally does not work in the original plugin.

    2. Aurotzel


      RIP Scootaspam, you will not be missed.

    3. Karlamena