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  1. Chocolate sauce for them tastebudz But you already know me mang
  2. Batman Returns and James bond Jr on the NES were friggin boss back in the day. Was very hard for me at the time too. Not to mention they had one awsome soundtrack associated with the game
  3. Four Brothers probably the only Mark Walberg movie youll ever need to see really.
  4. This game is lookin awsome just like flower was back in the day. cant wait to get my hands on this beta looks like a beautiful game.
  5. Not to shabby sir
  6. Damn Forty you playa :P Thats me before I be gettin fat in this country.
  7. I would assume so, FPSBanana has pretty much everything for source games.
  8. Forsooth good sire, I am devilishly devilish with a lance I say! great game, fire and sword on the other hand.... lol
  9. I want a bed of tribbles :3
  10. The way traveling is handled that game is terrible. I would much rather walk from point to point in an RPG to give that adventure feel. It would have also tacked more hours for this game to boast about. Not to mention that the series in general lacked variety. On a lesser note I don't like biowares engine so much lol.
  11. This game was such a shamefur dispray tho :( If only the it actually felt like baldurs gate.............................................................................. and adventuring D: