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  1. I remember back a few years a go random picked the CMC with 4 people on. And I was the poor soul on red. We didn't complain about any thing. was a good laugh and we moved on. Yes its unfair with few players on with the amount of hp, buffs, and 2 or 3 of them. But it seems like about 12 to 15 players on red to make it a fair fight to me atleast
  2. I must be one of the lucky ones that never has a problem with this map. Also never heard of anyone crashing on this map. Is this a rare issue a few people are effected by it or is it a common issue overall?
  3. This. I am a person who likes to play death run time to time and vsh. And this is the main problem about funbox, the dr maps are to bland, and there only a few of them when compared to the vsh maps. On that maps whyyyy.exe link, cryptnecrodancer supermario64 are ok. Bank, 4halls, and psykopat are great DR maps and I would like these to be added in with a few others. wintervalley is an ok map, but the map is long and the rounds tends to last too long on it. Another map i would like to see it draconain http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/167382, its a good classic death run map, nothing too big or small.
  4. I never had a problem with flutterbat other than the rage. I also enjoy playing against a flutterbat. As long you pay attention to the bats that fly off of her, you should be ok. I don't mind the cloak, its part of the boss. I am known to goomba stomp a cloaked flutterbat on crevice. The rage need to be reworked as it makes it harder to get damage, and it hard enough to get it as is when most of your damage relies on after burn and you have a pyro there keeping the boss on fire.
  5. I think 30 seconds is not enough time; especially on the lager more complex maps.
  6. Did all ever try fixing the bugs that cause the game modes to break? I would like to see more game modes added to the funbox server.
  7. There is a reason why the server is called Funbox. The funbox server is not a 24/7 VSP server. From what i have heard there used to be more game modes on the server, but was taken off for reasons.
  8. A friend of mine gave me a fix for that problem, namely making dummy .wavs for the game to read instead of the downloads. Since i already made it myself i'll just upload them here for people not wanting to be annoyed by the downloads on map change etc. You just download the .rar data and put the vo folder into the folder you see in the image below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7htgyn9bctwoe2/vo.rar?dl=0 Hope that helps the people not wanting to wait forever to play. Yawn, I find that the lazy way. I want on google and found the files last night. Did the same for the .nav one on 2fort_desk.
  9. Same here with dovashy on those small maps like 2fortdesk, oilrig, city peak.
  10. funbox got the new maps like agp, dunes, ect,
  11. I have several favorites to play as: 1, CMC: 3 bosses, Love to catch people by surprise if they are not paying attention to the other 2 or 1. 2, Dr. Hooves: the 4 life regeneration i like, teleports (only tele boss i like) 3, Dovashy: make people fly out of the world. Demos, scouts, engis, and spell uses like me are a pain, while Mr. Snipes is the easiest to kill. I'll never pick random, as there are boss i do not want to play, and random like to give me those bosses. Engis are my first target, but i mostly play and kill whats in front of me.
  12. And the meteor does the mono spell.
  13. Check in options -> multiplayer and see if the "when the game server tries to download custom content on your computer" is set to "allow all custom files from server". That has to be set to get all the server downloads, other then that, i have no clue what is tf2's problem. I also think there need to be a downloads page for people to download any missing files and show where the need to go.
  14. Mash does crash the funbox server too.