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  1. With that out of the way when did the servers upright just die I'm being serious all of the other fucking servers for ff2 or saxton hale are blonderline trash Can't the owners (mainly rainy) just pass on the rights to someone else to run this server that cares in the least (it won't happen anyways Xd) poni x3 is garbage Everything is hotshit garbage Why is this website even alive? why bother to keep this running it's all dead I wanna die.
  2. well um sorry for putting that in. should of thought that through. I will be kind and caring, don't get the wrong idea please.
  3. so what now? am I good or off slighly?
  4. Username: Filthy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80581321 Steam Profile: Ponyville Server: Eu-west 1 Transgression: disrespectful behaivor. Why I should be ungagged: I'm fun and silly. I won't be rude to others most of the time and I can make some quailty jokes while on the server. I might get carried away sometimes, but I tend to stop if I go too far.
  5. thank you so much, and I'm sorry if I wasted your time!
  6. I'm really sorry if I am wasting your time. I do not intend to insult or hurt anyone else. I only wanted to come back to this server because of how enjoyable it was to me. I won't use mic at all, and can't because it's broken. Forgot my password, can't change my awful name...
  7. Username: Cheesey SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80581321 Steam Profile: Ponyville server: Ponyville server Europe EU #1 VSP Transgression: Juvenile/high pitched voice mic useage. It's been a long time, a very long time. I have been banned for around two years. I can't use the ban court because my review has not been submitted, it's been there rotting away so I'd like to make a change, and would ask if I could be unbanned. I will not use mic, at high costs and not to disrespect the rules again. sorry if I am wasting your time admins, because the of my behavior towards people