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  1. Finally have my friend code-- and for some reason the thread can't be edited, so here's my friend code: 1006-0889-7910
  2. I agree as well as everyone said above, because it's true. Yet again it'll cool down eventually so there's no need to worry.
  3. I made this thread because we're all aware of people having friend codes for many game stations and/or just games in general! (ex. for 3DS, etc.) Unfortunately I don't have any gaming consoles, I'm primarily a PC gamer, so no friend codes for me, although tomorrow is the day when I receive my 3DS XL! (Tomorrow's my birthday, so yeah. :P) Anyways, commence the friend code sharing! Make sure to obviously label for what the friend code is for the console/game! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DS Friend Code: Will receive tomorrow on my birthday; will update
  4. Welp, I do some pretty dandy art myself. Maybe I can accept commissions as well? Welp, I'll leave you guys here my dA, (deviantART), so you guys can be updated with what I do and see if you guys like how I do it. If you're interested, y'all can contact me by: Email deviantART ~and/or~ Steam
  5. (If this thread's basically dead and no one plans to uses it, I'm sorry for posting this.) Raini, by any chance are you still looking for artists and such as assistance? I'm very good with pixeling, vectors, emoticons, etc. If you are, just contact me by msging me by either PMing me on here, or by msging me privately via Steam. Ducky™
  6. Hi everypony! I'm starting on a new steam account, (this one that is,) and my old steam account will be deleted soon, so I would just like to say hi again on this new account! Anywho, catch you guys on the servers more often! I will soon~!