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  1. OOC: My OC is Cloud Charger, depicted in my Profile Picture. He is shy of mares, but an extremely friendly pony, and open to friends. Offended easily, but a good mediator for arguments, and a bit of a slacker. His Cutie Mark of a shooting star was received when he saved the fearful Fluttershy when she fell off a cloud at a young age (still scared to fly). By accidentally passing his mane by a nearby storm cloud, he absorbed the lightning into his hair. The energy gave him an immediate boost in speed, just enough to catch the falling Fluttershy (though he was not viewed as a hero since no one believed FS couldn't fly yet), and discovered his innate ability to absorb the lightning from storm clouds.
  2. Simple story beginning in ponyville with my character, Cloud Charger. Story will adapt as seen fit by characters/players. Rules: -No ruptures in fourth wall that disrupts story EX: No CONTACT with world outside Equestria, but Pinkie Pie waving to audience is fine. -exceptions will be made as seen fit by players EX: character ORIGINATING from country outside Equestria are allowed (not allowed contact from that country) -If your character is speaking, use quotation marks, please. -Character needs description, when introducing your character for the first time, use OOC (Out Of Character) to type the description of your pony in your first post. -If asking to join describe to me your OC you will be using, and I will quickly make a decision as soon as I see it. -Post a picture of your OC if possible, unless it's your profile pic, or you Don't have one -I will decide if your character is okay, I don't want any adult dragons swooping in, though I might allow one or two child/adolescent dragons, based on adventure group's size. -Other than characters, everyone will have a say in events and actions taken, but I have the final decision in any RP matter, including the event of any Mane 6 character. EX: If two are arguing over an apple hitting someone, I will decide if it hit. -If you need to leave in a hurry, say "OOC: have to go" and I will phase your character out of the story. -Trolls are to be ignored, do not respond to him/her. If you provoke him/her, I will phase out of story until next event (In-RP event or otherwise) -The RP will be held afterschool at 5:30 pm central if I'm not working, and every weekend at 12:00 pm Central, 10:00 pacific, with the exception of today. PM me if you would like that changed. -The RP may only be held with me present. -Rules will be updated as needed, nothing here is set in stone
  3. My OC is Cloud Charger, and he's a pegasus. I could delve into the backstory, but I don't want to bore you with all his personality traits. To simplify, he's a secret admirer of Fluttershy, the Irony being Cloud gets shy around girls, even though Fluttershy is generally shy. He has a dark gray coat, fading to light gray at the mouth and hooves, with a maroon mane that contains parts of red. His Cutie Mark is a shooting star, and I want to commission an artist to draw him, because I don't want to use the pony generator for my main OC, but I have it set to my profile pic for now. I hope to get Mad Munchkin to do it, though if someone could point me to a good artist who'll do it for free, I'm open to suggestions.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm CJ and on the newer side to the brony community. Currently watching through the difficult season 4,but don't get me wrong, I still love MLP. If anyone here can lead me to an animator that could help me create a youtube channel, that would be lovely! I have a brony OC i'll likely post in a relevant thread, but for now, it's nice to be here.