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  1. I overheard some people talking about it on the server, and that simple was going to bring it up to Rainicorn later on, but I might as well drop it here since I got nothing better to do at the moment. Frankly, what was said is that the AFK Manager mod timer for kicking people after AFK'ing at spawn is waaay too short. It's even short for me, and all I do is maybe tab out and type something to someone. We just need it to be longer. At least a minute or so. Unless someone moves around a bunch to put off the timer, people can't trade, go to the bathroom, or do anything extra. I understand that someone could disconnect to do their business, but it becomes a nuisance when someone D/C's, does their business, and then can't get back on because the server is full, or someone gets kicked for a reserve after they waited, and so on. It just needs to be addressed. :) On another note, I'm going on vacation in a few hours so I won't be able to reply or discuss this, or anything else, at all. :D I see you all in 3 weeks.
  2. I think 5 a round to 5 a map seems like a fair compromise to cut down on some spamming. Some people will spam, some will save their sounds for more opportune moments. The compromise will be done, so any other naysayers can turn sounds off, imo. I'm not trying to sound harsh or hateful to those who hate the spam, but the sounds are part of Ponyville society as a server, and the option is there to turn the sounds off, so no one should be complaining further, and if they do, then Ponyville might not be for them. We can't cater to everyone, so the best way to go about it is to hit the issue in the middle and never lean either way.
  3. On vacation for three weeks after tonight. :3

  4. well if you end up in the army theyll pry send you here XD If the Coast Guard doesn't work out, it'll most likely be the Air Force next. Army is my last choice. And my dad, being an ex marine, doesn't want me going into that, So the marines are a no. Father as child: Fuck yeah, Imma go into the Marines! Oorah! Father as father: Son, never go into the Marines or I'll kick your ass. My father always tells me that if I do any service, go to the Air Force. He was AF, so... plus, nothing but "I was stationed in Korea and got plastered every night" stories to be had. :P
  5. Full-time student, certified video editor and videographer, internship away from having a video production degree, and I'm working on a photography degree as well.
  6. I play, but I don't invest in the game anymore. I just kinda gather cards here and there mostly through a friend. Only standard deck I got right now is a G/R infect. Lotta aggro pump. I also got a Legacy Reanimator I been working on for ages. I never really wanna play legacy because I'll never get my hands on Force of Wills, though... I'd also like to play EDH, but getting the cards would take a while for me. Jhoria of the Gittu would be my general, or Sun Quan. :)
  7. Helloo. I'm Katfysh, and I'm actually not majorly big on MLP. :P I watched most of the episodes from FiM, but that's about it. If anyone knows me it's from me killing you's on TF2 cuz you get Fluttershy's "sly" face in your freeze cam. :3 I just enjoy this community. I like anime (watching 10 series atm), I like video games, driving my car, playing at the arcade (DDR, PIU, ITG, really big on dance-rhythm games!), and most of all, sleeping. I love to sleep. I stay up till 4 am in the summer and don't wake up till noon or 1 pm the next day. :) I'm pretty competitive when it comes to PvP games, so that explains my K/D on TF2 and how I rage sometimes when I just can't seem to do good. :< I've murdered countless masses in CoD, WoW, LoL, Halo... so yeah! That's me. :)
  8. I dunno. I like a lot of CN's shows lately. Regular Show, Adventure Time, Johnny Test, Gumball. They're all pretty solid with Adventure Time being this age's Invader Zim without the "herp derp I'm so random lol I love Gir" bit. Adult Swim... was good in its first year. Not too much original content, just some jank licenses and a lot of anime, some I really enjoyed (Kikaider!). Nowadays, the only thing keeping them afloat is KotH, Family Guy, and American Dad. =/ Always turn the tube off at midnight.
  9. Hmm, vacation in a week. I can't wait. :3

  10. I remember seeing someone get banned during a !scootaloo fit. I don't use voice in-game cuz I listen to my own music, so I dunno if that ban was accompanied by anything over the mic. Personally, I think the soundbite spam is pretty funny, and it doesn't seem too harmful since the soundbite use is limited.
  11. Enjoy some screenies. Nothing special.

  12. I've been listening to a lot of music from Pump It Up lately since I've been going out once or twice a week to play it at the arcades and get exercise. Other than that, my Winamp is filled with random junk that I just rotate when playing TF2 in the evenings.
  13. I bought TF2 back in December of 09', and I'm just now getting around to putting time into it. Derp