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  1. Don't you just hate getting the patter of rain instead of the blissful silence of a nice snow?

    1. Noobvig


      I would prefer the peaceful silence of 70~ degree weather.

    2. Karlamena
    3. Aurotzel


      Both are nice. Snow is best tho.


  3. Oh boy where to begin, well first off, hello Im PyRoMaNcEr some of you know me and some of you dont, but for those of you that do know me, well, this post is about you. I joined the server back in 2013, and that was also when i got into the brony experience. and in that first day i heard the wackiest, strangest, most oddball conversation and phrases being spat everywhere. so i left the server. i came back the next day and started playing with a relatively low amount of people playing, among those people online were Spooky Battz, gamebrain, spazzy, and eloquent pyro. that was also the first time i'd ever played as a duo boss, i was pinkie and my counterpart was eloquent as molestia and he started the match with the phrase "Swiggity Swooty" and then we proceeded to win the match, but the thing i remember the most from that was the blast i had experiencing it, i added eloquent soon after and he became one of my first (and wackiest) friends on the ponyville servers, others followed after and i felt like my precense was enjoyed by others, whether it was "Hi Pyro" from one of them when i joined the server, or a laugh at something i did to end a match. those moment may not have ment too much to them or anyone that experienced it, but to me... it meant everything. i appreciated every moment shared with you guys on the server and im glad that met you all. But the reason i am posting this is to say thank you. to those who beared through my childish acts or my hilarious mishaps, those who still talk to me, and even though some of you dont like me or see eye to eye with me i still want to say thank you, for bringing me out of a hole i dug myself, most people call the hole depression, mine wasnt very deep, but im still glad you all pulled me out of it, and i can smile knowing that i met you all. So thank you all. For everything. P.S. Im not dying or leaving forever, its just my presence here is minuscule so i wanted to say it before everyone else leaves.
  4. i told my family i was bored so they said "go take a nap" and i replied "SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!" .... am i weird?

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    2. Scootz
    3. Pink


      Yes; not for stating that sleep is for the weak (As this is a true statement, that encapsulates that every human is prone to weakness), but for complaining to your family about your boredom when you already know that no one can solve that boredom better than yourself.

  5. eh i wouldn't get too excited about it, but hey, at least its something new and cool and... spooky
  6. well, its not all you scootz, some people have different views on subjects, such as when you called gimpy a "f*ggot", some may have viewed that as a joke, others viewed it as hate toward gimpy, while it wasn't wise to do that in front of people it still doesnt mean that it you were being hateful. i personally think that the human race can be "over-reactive" , even on the smallest things.... this is why i became a platypus .
  7. I agree that particle effects from bosses are quite annoying when your a spy. And all this time I thought I was just being predictable >:c
  8. i fight against it everyday, it beckons me with the offer of a reward, it draws me close like a mothe to the light, it is my greatest nemesis, it is SLEEP!

  9. i look everywhre and i see lights, holly, and tinsle... *sniff* you smell that boys.... its coming...

    1. knutstrand


      Wooo, looking forward to a long days work, a hour buffer between end of shift and stream start on twitch with my tired babyface :D 5PM CST LONG NIGHT STREAM

    2. PyRoMaNcEr


      shameless advertising... seems legit

  10. Ah I remember back to a time where engineers would sit in a corner drinking the entire round..... and not get killed. Engineer is broken Valve please fix ;I
  11. its beginning to look alot like.... thanksgiving?

    1. Scootz


      Unless you love in Canada with me then there's already snow on the ground

    2. Scootz
    3. PyRoMaNcEr


      Or is it love... *wink wink*

  12. Do I even need to say more....
  13. you know.... ive been pretty un-sociable lately so.... HELLO WORLD HOW YA DOIN?

  14. i dont know whether to laugh or not.....

    1. PyRoMaNcEr
    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      I see your "uncertainty of laughing" video and raise you this: