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  1. Personally, one of my favourite parts of any good story is the villain or antagonistic force our main characters must face to achieve their goals. As for me, I still love the ever loving <censored for friendship> out of Discord. I'd like to see a relative of his being a villain, like maybe a being composed of the negative aspects of 'Order'. Emotionless, cold, and calculating. What kind of villains or antagonistic events would you like to see in MLP's future?
  2. I'm so evil I eat all the skins of every single piece of fried chicken in the bucket and left the chicken to my roommate
  3. I was just wondering, does anyone here use any program's to draw ponies? I'm looking for a good free drawing program So i can Draw some pony art for my self
  4. What's one show/cartoon series from the 90's you'd want to see back on the air? I will love to see the gargoyles to comeback It's not just a great show with great animation and writing and concepts and voice acting, but it was a big deal to me for the point in my life I was at when it first came on back in '94. Aside from the ideas and images and concepts in helped get me thinking about, it was also the source of many crushes for me and many role models. I'd love to be a few of the chartacters from that show
  5. I never like star trek enterprise the only thing that I can remember from that show is Trip Tucker was the first pregnant male in star trek
  6. I Just watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is so bad i cry at the end
  7. No story evil will win
  8. Grammar nazis and "know-it-all" People
  9. just got pokemon black 2 today yay

    1. Screwsies


      Its only out in japan?

    2. Darkest Night

      Darkest Night

      yap got it from ebay

  10. A red Dalek; deep metallic red turning round on the spot to face Jack"All systems locked Dalek 's battle formation " 4 more Dalek ' gliding next to the red one "Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!"
  11. not all spanish things are mexican you ignore people'

  12. Celestia! vs Chrysalis the alicorns got taken down a few pegs in this episode
  13. Amazing episode, the sheer evilness of the Changeling Queen was great it .was an excellent way to end an awesome season All the emotions spilled out into this episode was grand. Twilight's friends didn't believe her when she claimed that "Cadence" is evil, and was humiliated as a result. Of course, unlike her friends she didn't have too much to do during the preparations for the royal wedding, so she was naturally more alert than the others, but it was still kind of sad to see her friends not believe her the"This Day Aria" Cadence villian song was the best it Reminds me of the Little Mermaid