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  1. 16: Minion bosses do not work properly. Wearing any cosmetics causes you to be spawned as invisible and rooted to the spot (but still able to attack). 17. Discord can disguise as someone after a kill if the player is fast enough. Even if we only get fixes to make the game mode playable after new patches and no more real content I'm fine with it. I just really enjoyed the mode for some reason.
  2. I regret that I only have but one yes to give.
  3. Is there a manual for this?

  4. This adorable little bugger is called Blurry Step. He's just a mail pone in Manehatten.
  5. Friend of mine found out about the show and made me and her husband sit down and shotgun the whole series over a weekend (S1-S3). I revenge I showed her all the hotdiggtiydemon movies and friendship is witchcraft. Perhaps I did do Murdershy's voice a time or two for her. In public. I regret nothing.
  6. I'm just a sniper Owl. Hoot. http://i.imgur.com/ZWwrElT.jpg
  7. Yo I'm the other pyro fellow from the VSP server. You know, the drunk engineer robot. Good times. I'll be playing often so don't be a stranger. Beer for everyone of correct legal age!