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  1. I regret that I only have but one yes to give.
  2. Is there a manual for this?

  3. This adorable little bugger is called Blurry Step. He's just a mail pone in Manehatten.
  4. Friend of mine found out about the show and made me and her husband sit down and shotgun the whole series over a weekend (S1-S3). I revenge I showed her all the hotdiggtiydemon movies and friendship is witchcraft. Perhaps I did do Murdershy's voice a time or two for her. In public. I regret nothing.
  5. I'm just a sniper Owl. Hoot. http://i.imgur.com/ZWwrElT.jpg
  6. Yo I'm the other pyro fellow from the VSP server. You know, the drunk engineer robot. Good times. I'll be playing often so don't be a stranger. Beer for everyone of correct legal age!