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  1. Fluttershy's newest rage plz
  2. What if the bear jumps of the cliff I seen some people do it intentionally
  3. I've been playing Fluttershy for a while now, trying to see ways how to play as her, and I found that if the bear is afk, what can she do? Its over for her if she can't heal the bear or anything, since if someone goes Fluttershy, everyone goes classes like melee classes the classes will be like KGB heavy or the demo with a HHH, you will lose alot of HP before you kill someone (Or just get a lucky goomba), plus if someone killed them self it does not count you can't spawn them, I know this "If they kill the bear you get crits and uber for a short while", but most people know what happens if they kill the bear so they just leave it to afk and kill it when Fluttershy is not around, so is there anyway that you can deal with the afk's? If there is already this post is useless, but at least tell me how you can deal with it?
  4. So if I type something I get free a chance to win ear buds? Even though my I have bad luck to these kinds of things I'll take my chances. Also if you have so many ear buds, so it means you have lots of cash right?
  5. You get banned for joining a group? What kind of group is it?
  6. I tried it all ready it still has the same problem
  7. There are custom servers, where your computer downloads it for you, but for me I have to download them by my self and its really annoying, by the way I did turn on "Allow all custom files from the server" so does anyone know the problem?
  8. Never mind I got it
  9. Help, I been seeing lots of errors anything that is custom will be a error or sounds which just silent, it means that I can't see or hear any custom stuff, I tried to fix it but it did not work, I turned on the "allow any downloads", I re-downloaded tf2, I delete download files etc. Can anyone help?
  10. I just laugh the whole video XD
  11. If it's played for Traitors sure but not Innocent
  12. To me you can tell if it's rdm if you use common sense :c
  13. Why you post this, I hate this type thing :c