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  1. Yeah, I was on the server when this happened. so I made a screenshot to report him here on the forums. But Tails already did the report for me so, I agree with this report.
  2. Hello Everybody, I would recommend Tails Dark (Tuil5) as a mod in the EU server STEAM Link : He's a nice person and doesn't break the rules. He is always on the server and keeps remembering the people that they break the rules. He's a funny guy too and you can talk with him. And he reports players in the forums if they break any rules. In my option, he should be mod.
  3. I want to recommend ♪Fluffu for moderator position in the EU Server. He has been around the vsp servers for pretty long and is pretty much daylie on the server. Most People on the server know and like him and he sure understands fun and likes to be around with the people in the server. But he can be serious too, knows the rules and respects them and if needed he can and will inform a player in need with the needed information or he informs the player that he or she is doing something wrong, such as rule breaking or so on. He even informs an admin if the rule breaking is unacceptable. So in my opinion Fluffu is a good sugestion as moderator.
  4. Yea the update pretty sucks.... so many people was overhyped. I was one of these people... :/