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  1. I feel like this is the only way i get can get out to everyone
  2. So I know some of you on this fourm and some of you have removed me due to the issue I shall not speak of and also blocked me and some cases look to all of these people that removed me I have something to say i know you guys might not trust me but bare with me I am sorry I lied to all of you but It brakes my heart when friends of mine remove me due to something I caused but I am sure we can start over if you guys want to you guys might not want me as a friend but I am just trying to say this I feel really heart broken that some of my friends hate me and also the community does as well I am really sorry to everyone of how I have been and Helen is right next time I should think before I do something so foolish like that again so I am sorry to everyone that had to go through that bull shit thanks for understanding and reading feel free to friend me if u want too.
  3. I can understand why some people hate me I am sorry for what I done

  4. So I seen the kids that been murdered and surrounded the purple man and he thought he could escape In the spring trap suit until he was crushed to death did the kids get there revange let me know what you guys think?
  5. Hello ponyvile community I did something that I should not have done witch is lie/hack I feel like shit for lieing to you guys and saying someone that doesn't exist did it and not telling the truth next time I should think before I do something like that again. And also I am very sorry for the actions I did against vsp witch is aimboting and runin the game for others I applogize for that as well. I am real sorry for what I did and make the vsp community to dislike me and what I did also made some of my best friends dislike me being on there friends list and blocking me I feel really sorry for my self by making my friends think I am a cheater. Vsp was also my server I played on to keep me happy it had all of my best friends on it I had friends to talk to that we're on the server it was the best time I ever had until it was taken away form me sense I did something so dumb and got my self banned. U guys still might me really mad at me and dislike me but I am just really sorry for the things I did :_; Plz forgive me. Thanks for reading this -Bill
  6. Hello Ponyville Commuinty I am telling the truth I did use the hack on another account And went on vsp and Got banned And this account banned I dont know why i Hacked I should have thought next time before I do something so Dumb And getting my self banned I am really sorry for my behavior and hacking I thought about what I have done Over the mouths And wanted to get this all out of my head to you guys And yes I Am still a cop Curetnly But the whole hacking with the son/brother thing Is all a lie My brother is still Alive he is over in the US And i dont have a son. So I am really really Sorry for lieing and hacking and my beahivor And my actions Tell me What you think Should I get One more chance? Thanks For reading I really Pertaicet it :).
  7. Well I thought red team was trying to kill the ponies so i thought the Colonel Pig mask would Fit perfectly with the red team He would be the commander of the red team or something like that
  8. <--------------- right here is the colonel pig's picture
  9. I know that the Boss assietient idea on vsp was denied but I am sure if we can balnce it or if you can we can make it work this is a thought I had to get out Expample of boss assetient stats Colonel pig Fist 34000 max health on ware 200 dmg bouns 28% more speed on ware Does not take fall damage -15 bleed on ware -takes 100 more damage form maley sources -Can not be healed on ware Colonel pig's Abilty Pistol 800 damage bouns Cirt on headshot +1 clip size -99 reload time -Can not be healed on ware -99999 damage on body shot Colonel pig's Passives Takes less damage form certain rage abilitys Boo time decreased by 2% Takes 23 and rage Abilty damage less damage form medic sniper and spy bosses. Takes 30 more damage and rage abilty damage form scout solider pryo demo engineer heavy bosses. Duel bosses have a -35 damage on the colonel pig Takes less damage form ubered hales Colonels pigs desc I have joined this fight to assist the red team by taking out enamy. Bosses I shall try my best at taking out my enamy's but don't count on me to do two much my mask has a death timer I only have a few mins to live i can take a lot of hits form a boss and I can stand there rages with my mighty fist I can send them into there death. Super jump 5 second cool down switch between teleport 20 second cool down teleport to any boss on the map after teleport you will be stunned for 5 seconds and armed with cirts for 10 seconds! You also have a death timer so work quickly! Colonel pig model Heavy With a grey cape the picture will show more detail Fist and engineers pistol view model -------------------------- Note this is just a idea to look over Feel free to change what ever should be changed like stats The colonels pigs picture is my profile pic Thanks for reading :)
  10. Can we not talk about hacking with that topic Plz its a one time hes not doing it again I hate when people say my family's going to do stuff they don't do my nephew doesn't play video games my son doesn't play on my computer any more my brother is dead i don't even have a grandson second cusion wtf? Mt uncle died a long time ago and zari you will not talk about my family like that ever my son hacked yea I kicked him off my computer but my family does not hack 1st half of my family doesn't even play video games. And you come saying my family is going to do a lets play and hack fanf 3? How will you hack fanf 3? I don't have fanf or my son we like the series we don't even have a YouTube. Can i start a discussion with someone saying stupid shit please?!?! Thank you :)
  11. I am not a Brony But hey i still play on vsp for Fun and to see my friends :D
  12. Whos Ready for the Big game Comeing out I am I am hoping we Get to the bottom of who ever this purple guy is I Really wana find out!
  13. Being banned form vsp sucks

  14. And My Son used aimbot on his account then got ip banned witch was linked on this account so it got me banned.