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  1. Hey guys I am no longer gonna play minecraft so I am gonna quit it and it was a pleasure on being on the server made lots of friends and had a good time but real life got in the way so it is gonna be hard for me to be on here I got a job and also I am gonna go to school to help me out with my disability I got. So I am no longer gonna be ale to be on the server or on here I am to busy is all hope you can forgive me for that. But in any case Sweetie Belle and others it was a pleasure to be with you all and Sweetie Belle I give my permission to Open and to Drummerdj to have all my items that I have earned on the server during my time with you all also open and Dj you guys if you want can continue my project I have left in the nether if you come cross huge landscape in the nether and see some buildings you can continue the project I had left and make it yours,Also you can do what ever you like with my old home as well as the underground base I built. also Sweetie Belle knows and Sgt knows of the location of my nether base project if you do not you can ask them to teleport you there so in any case I be I will be leaving minecraft cause real life is more important for me right now cause I need all the help I can get so take care all and good bye.
  2. Hey guys im gonna quit here I got a job and doing other things in life that makes it hard for me to be on here and in minecraft thats why I haven't been on here cause of my job and also I am gonna start going to school soon as well to help me improve my writing and also to help me with my math cause of my disablity I have do not wanna get into that ut yea I am leaving so take care all it was a plessure being here and getting to know you all.

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    2. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      Seeya man and goodluck!

    3. Trix


      Indeed, good luck with your endeavors and when you come back we'll welcome you with open arms once again.

    4. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Awesome and Grats! See you around!

  4. Any pony know how to add more albums to or to ad dmore photos x.x. Says I run out of space when ever I try to upload a new pic

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    2. PK Rockin'

      PK Rockin'

      you can't. you've reached the limit.

    3. KnightStriker


      So I cant add any more photos and sorry for the typo I ment if there is a way to add more pic space to add more photos.

    4. PK Rockin'

      PK Rockin'

      I think you get more space if you're a donator, but otherwise no. :/

  5. Also I wish I never had seen that dam movie of final destination x.x. curse that movie I know its only a movie but also that movie got me even more scared of them lol ...I guess being lind folded is not a bad thing tho if I ever want to go on a roller coaster with loops.
  6. I know but I don't know its just when I see them I start to sweat and start to get nervous etc x.x.. It is just to hard for me to get over that fear tho and where do you live do you live close to florida by any chance you ever been to universal studios before cause the hulk is one of the rides I would never go on o-o...
  7. Great another hearts and hooves day for me. " goes in a corner and starts to drink some jack daniels and some vodka at the same time so I can pass out and hope when I wake up this day will be over. "

  8. Ok this may sound silly and all but I have a big phobia on roller coasters I know to some they are fun and all but to me I am terrified of them I mean I am only afraid of the ones that has loops I am afraid of those I can go to the ones that doesn't have any loops with out any problems what so ever. But the one with loops I am afraid I guess its the feeling of falling off when you go upside down its when it scares me the most even tho they are safe to go on but still it scares me. And I wanna know if any one got any advice to help me over come this fear of roller coasters that goes upside down so I can be able to enjoy them like any every one else..
  9. i wanna play this so bad when will it come out Sorry about the late reply but you can find his site here think he wants to release the game when season 3 comes out tho.
  10. I never had a "very special somepony" for many years I have mostly always consider my self as an adventure type of person before I use to be desperate to find some one but now since I am getting older I am not in a rush for it any more. Valentines day doesn't bother me at all really..
  11. Any pony out there know of a good site to read anime mangas from by any chance.

  12. R.I.P Whitney Houston she pass away today at her hotel they don't know of what could have cause her death tho people said it could have been drug over dose or she could have sufferd from depression from a heart attack.

  13. Well like the title says I am a newbie to tf2 and I was thinking I should start playing the game more often to see how it is and all I only play it couple of time but in practice mode cause I am just just trying to get the hang of the control's and I was wondering what is the best server to go to on here and how do you connect to it and again sorry for the newbie questions. Cause if I start liking the game maybe later on I should start buying different guns and accessories for the characters also whats a good class to start off with right away so then I can move on along with another different type of class once I am use to the game play and all and the environment.
  14. I found this rpg game about my little pony that is still in the making which is called " PONY RPG " I think the name will change once the official game is out.