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  1. Gibus represents TF2. When you here Gibus do you think of CoD or LoL, nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~ It's TF2
  2. Can I go mod? I'm rich and powerfull.
  3. I'm rich and I want to be richer. I also want cheeseburger with no cheese
  4. Hi guys it's me Galli. We know Vinlybat got banned and in my behalf i believe he deserves a second chance. He's been with the vsp community for almost a year now. I know some of you may not agree with me and im not siding with anyone here. I just think people can change. Vinyl even promised to avoid Zari to end what happened before. I don't want to start a fight just an appeal.
  5. Tips for anger management in Video games Do you fume when someone mocks you? Does your face turn read every time someone makes fun of you? And does your blood pressure rises someone is always better than you? It's normal to get angry because it’s a response to things that you don't agree on or you don't like- but it's also important to deal with your anger the positive way. Uncontrolled anger is not healthy and will affect your relationships with other gamer. Try considering these tips. It may help you in the future. 1. Try to calm down and express your thoughts differently. When you’re pretty much angry you start saying things that you will regret in the future. So calming down will help you think clearly and positively. 2. Relax and take a break. Always remember that it’s just a game and you are there to have fun and enjoy. 3. Think before reacting. Try to understand the situation, once you know the cause and effect that’s the only time you react. 4. Not all people are the same. When facing other people always remember that they have different opinions and norms that you will disagree on. 5. Never ever hold a grudge. Try to forgive other players. 6. Use humor to release tension. It always help just don’t overdo it. 7. Friends. Consider asking help from a friend to help you control you're anger. That’s all I can think off. If you have other options feel free to comment it
  6. Every decision that you have ever made has led you here:3 Hi guys! my name is Sarah or other people may know me as Galli. I've been playing tf2 ponyville for almost 6months but it's my first time to joining the forum. I always try by not trying to try, and do things that i can't do. Like you guys i too watch MLP and the best part is! Iron will is best pony.