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  1. Watch as it burns...

  2. But who is going the be this great savior? And better yet, is it really worth saving? On that note doe, when it comes to most of the bugs due to the tf2 updates I could perhaps help out if there are issues with coding and such, but from the past Raini and Simple doesnt seem to like others looking too much at their coding and stuff.
  3. I mean. with all the issues on the servers now days, we could say its on a steady decline :D
  4. Is the european server ever gonna get fixed or nah???


    1. Tuil5


      I Doupt it will be soon as possible :^)

  5. Spells on the server isnt really a "unique feature" more like a way for noobs to feel good about themselves.. actually getting over 100 dmg a round, atleast thats the case on EU.
  6. Just curious, when you say, go against mods, do you refer to Mix,Chuckle and before bird pope? because if thats the case then i would just like to adress thats merely a joke as we are all close friends :) And on the maturity thing, its been a known issue to me and im doing my best to work on it :) Also Code, we need to do a solly mge once :P
  7. Mix (Currently mod) STEAM_0:1:153527522 I wish to recommend mix for admin as he always does his job and is very efficient.
  8. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Kinda sad to see that the only things that have happened in this community is that more shit is broken...

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      In the last few months, but summarizing everything from a few months is hardly fair.

    2. Kyle


      Im just summarizing from i left to i came back :p and sorry to say, but it was not to pretty ._.

  10. A Video dedicated to Twily(PrettyPonyPrincess)

  11. The idea of moving one of the Texas server to Jersey would be a very nice change, as it would without doubt make it easier for EU and US player to play together without one having a horrible time because of ping... Also if one of the server where to be moved, I highly doubt we will get the whole.. uhm "Dinky" scenario again... TFW all this is prob said ;_;
  12. Buuhuu, some people really like to bitch xD

  13. If you wanted to Zero i could take the bosses for multiple runs so i could find out what is the best strategies for each boss :)
  14. Honestly, considering Steel Crescent's LP of my bosses tend to get more visits than my actual demonstrations, it'd probably be best if someone who is good with video editing and explaining things to people did them. A people person I am not. Perhaps someone who already has a sizable YouTube audience as well. These demonstration videos could double as promotion for the servers. (the majority of my meager 36 subscribers already play on VSP) it's been a while since i have done some videos as for some reason tf2 doesn't like me recording anymore and i have no idea why..I can play the game fine at any dx level but it doesn't matter if the quality is amazing or crap. It just kills my frames..If someone here has a fix for this please tell me so i can record bosses again but i would be talking during it now. EDIT: I fixed my recording problem but my computer is dying and playing games like TF2 will just speed this process up...This kinda hurts me cuz i could have done well for the video front in helping explain bosses and how they work with commentary rather than just text that can be hard to see. I could do some recordings if needed :)