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  1. If you somehow manage to bring this back from the death, I'll be genuinely surprised.
  2. You forgot the great fall of new jersey but otherwise pretty on point.
  3. >The servers are dead >No point wasting your time >Play on P3 instead
  4. Lets not forget the fucking music restarts itself every new song!
  5. Here lies VSP in loving memory of our fallen... Press F to pay respect

  6. Someone please neck me, k thx

  7. Are there any chances that the duo/trio hales are gonna be activated on EU again? for us few who donate and still play there?

    1. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      I told to the super admin 3 days ago, They working on it to fix it, but first they try to fix the Custom Map Rotation Download.

  8. Watch as it burns...

  9. But who is going the be this great savior? And better yet, is it really worth saving? On that note doe, when it comes to most of the bugs due to the tf2 updates I could perhaps help out if there are issues with coding and such, but from the past Raini and Simple doesnt seem to like others looking too much at their coding and stuff.
  10. I mean. with all the issues on the servers now days, we could say its on a steady decline :D
  11. Is the european server ever gonna get fixed or nah???


    1. Tuil5


      I Doupt it will be soon as possible :^)

  12. Spells on the server isnt really a "unique feature" more like a way for noobs to feel good about themselves.. actually getting over 100 dmg a round, atleast thats the case on EU.