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  1. yea I saw that list but theres no sniper medic or spy for me. spy stuff I know, but sniper I know a bit (thx to everyone always playing sniper) but medic ....that's a different story and was the main thing I was hoping but after looking around the forums did find bit and bobs of info about medic weapons but still very incomplete.
  2. does any one know where I can see all the changed weapon effects I know this site has a list but that's not all up to date and has weapons missing eg I didn't find anything on solomons vow and I know that does 50% more healing with -%10 mov speed I had to inspect another player to see that. equipping the weapons myself doesn't tell me what they do so im guessing for these type of weapons. the holy mackerel I saw had stats changed but he died before I could read it, does anyone know what that items does and if there is an up to date list of all the weapons.
  3. 1 : good point might be a good idea to change the hale but that's a little concern in the big scheme of things 2 that was the point I wanted tho power wise i'll leave that up to the more experienced people in making these if everyone camps then the hales wont be hurt I wanted to make the hales run from combat until the meet.tho I don't want the 2 hales helpless just weak. 3 I did think on this problem before but I got nothing to solve this issue
  4. I've been playing this for a bit and every game everyone comes together and camps in 1 location and waits for the hale to come to them no matter what the hale....after being inspired by a youtube animatic of dr pinky and ms pie that I saw I came up with an idea. this would be a companion hale 1 dr pinky and 1 ms pie,and start at random points on the map, both hales are very weak in fighting and don't have any super jump or teleport move they have no rage instead they have to find each other and touch, then they become 1 hale (who turn it is) that is insanely op but has a short timer the main ability of the op hale I would like is no knockback and be faster then scouts thinking about see outlines of chars too as a short timer will make it hard for the hale to find hiders when the numbers get low.i would tho give scouts a chance by making the hale stunable making him lose a few seconds from an already low timer. after the timer is over both hale are teleported to random points and have to find each other again, also there should be a indication that the hales have joined together to let people know. I want this so that everyone fears the hale while its op that way it encourages people to look for the hales and keep them away from each other rather then the all camp in 1 spot I see in every game. people might even play more pyros don't see to many of them last think to mention this idea will only work if all the hales share 1 hp bar. I left out the details so the idea could be molded plz expand on the idea with opinions and ideas and not just