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  1. Raini, getting banned just because the player is part of The Twilight Empire group is honestly really not fair to a lot of players. I understand the anti-brony groups being auto-banned and I understand this is probably a security measure to stop all the Ddos-ing. The Twilight Empire isn't just another pony vsh server it has stuff like deathrun, slender fortress, zombie fortress and everything and players might just be in the group to monitor updates to the server. I got banned for just being part of the Twilight Empire and that's exactly what I do with the membership is check the server updates that's it nothing else. I would like to be able to play without having to leave one of my closest friend's group, so I plead you to get rid of the banning just for being on the Twilight Empire or at least let me be able to play since VS Ponyville is one of my favourite servers. And don't edit my post taking the name out
  2. Oh I know I mean my idea of getting her to use the gun was, as you said, a good idea and now it seems like its gonna be like a thing for the Littlepip boss. Heh...funny thing is one of my friends told me I should try going into boss designing for most of the Fallout Equestria characters since they aren't too hard to make work as a solo or duo boss. Heck maybe a 6 pony boss, at least for the original 6 FoE characters
  3. Wow, what started out as me suggesting a boss that was in the making ends in me actually giving a decent idea. Well if somehow I helped uhhh your welcome?
  4. I'm just doing what I was told and leaving it there incase it can help or something ^^
  5. you think my ideas for Littlepip might be better then the original plans...for some reason that makes me feel honored
  6. This has probably been suggested somewhere but as I don't feel like reading through 63 pages of posts well here it goes: Boss Name: Littlepip Origin: Fallout Equestria Race: Unicorn Gender: Mare Rage: Heroine of the Wastelands What it does: She whips out her very loud revolver dubbed Lil'Macintosh with 6 shots in the chamber and some damage resistance while stunning sentries. Damage: As it is a very loud revolver and is her like staple gun throughout the story it is extremely powerful so I'd think around 150 damage per shot if not just flat out killing every class it hit. It would also stay in her load-out until the bullets ran out and she raged again. Resistances: I'd just say like a 25-40% damage reduction based on how many are alive on the red team and it only lasts about 4 or 5 seconds, maybe 6 or 7 tops. Sentry Stun: It should also stun the sentries for about 3 or 4 seconds leaving them open for destruction. Second rage: Pip-buck Radar. Effect- The pipbuck on her right foreleg lights up, marking everybody on the map for 10 seconds except cloaked spies or classes under the invisibility spell effect. Alternate secondary rage: Stealth buck. Effect- Triggers an invisible effect on her for about 10 seconds, or until she attacks. Now she sounds a bit overpowered but I also thought of ways to balance her out so she isn't broken in the slightest and I'll list them off down here. Firstly to bring down the overpowered revolver a notch or two it could be made to have a 50% damage reduction on buildings and the further the target is the less damage it does. For an example say she shot a scout on crevice gaping about from the outside of the red spawn building to the outside of the blu spawn building it wouldn't even kill the scout dealing about 45-60 damage opposed to the 150 or the insta-kill. Thusly making her range better suited for closer distances and taking out players instead of buildings. A second way to knock it down a few notches would be that if everytime she shot the revolver she was marked for everyone for a few seconds to see, making her easier to group up on. An example there would be, say it was in the minecraft town map and she shot somebody in one of the caves, it would mark her for, say a demo outside to plant a sticky trap or to aim at the exit she was approaching with a loch and load ready to hit her for a good 350 damage, or 1000+ with a sticky trap. Now about the pony herself if she was indeed chosen for adding in would be a spy base of course, for the revolver to function properly. She's a grey unicorn mare with brown hair and green eyes. She wears a blue zipped up jacket, something on her right foreleg called a pip-buck and her cutie mark is also a pip-buck. Now for the gun itself I would suggest a Diamondback for the loud factor or an Enforcer/ L'etranger for a closer look to the actual Lil'Macintosh. If possible increasing the gunshot sound's volume a bit to really give it the loud bang the gun is known for. Now I don't know how links work here but if this doesn't activate a link copy and paste this into the url bar to see how she looks, the link is safe dont worry: I know people would actually like to see this hale as she is a rather well known and liked OC and as I have shown, is actually really easy to balance out making her get less complaints about being OP and such and isn't very hard to design, well aside from the actual Pip-buck but that is easily removed too.
  7. apparently not getting donator even though it was paid for yet

  8. Ummm hi...people call me Theren and I'm very shy when meeting new people. I also respond to several other names ummm, Hope being the biggest. I may be shy but I do love making new friends. I am a very kind hearted and caring person that can easily be trusted to never betray anyone. I guess umm hi new friends if people talk to me