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  1. Stock RL's could be nicer if they did minicrit on airborn (from knockback) targets. I just wish for something that rewarded the player for having the skill to pull of airshots. Because currently, there's little to no reason to even attempt to airshot besides looking cool. Its not too big of a change, it can net the soldier what, 210 damage compared to the usual 110 or 80-ish?
  2. He meant that if you hold out the big earner (which now gives you passive healing) and you pull out the deadringer, it will activate the deadringer without you being hit. As if it were a normal cloak. Which can EASILY get a spy killed if done at a wrong time; Deadringer gets activated just a second before hale hits the spy, spy takes enough damage to die or get down to around 10-15 health (depending on the hale). I just wish that they would've given it a speed boost on backstab but force the spy to have stock cloak, Or at the very least made it less trash, Maybe give it a ammo regen for his revolver so he doesnt constantly have to search for ammo?
  3. Its also extremely bright for no good reason, And the water is impossible to see through unless you're IN it. +1 vote to removing a bad map? Yep.
  4. I'd like to re-recommend a Moderator. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BronyDownUnder/ It would be nice to have a mod that would play on the times that there aren't many mods on. As if someone is breaking the rules in the middle of the night, usually no one is on to stop them.
  5. You better. *Cough* Spy stuff pls *Cough*
  6. I think the Big Earner could use a buff. Currently it is a downgrade in every way, Less health. No reward for backstabbing Hale. I don't even think it gives cloak on hit. I was thinking that it could have the speed boost on back stab but at the cost of being one hit by hale (Even with DR) by giving him Melee vulnerability. Speed Boost on Back-stab +25% Cloak on Back-stab Melee Vulnerability - 500% And, As it stands now. Stock Cloak is COMPLETELY useless. I know it was given a 3% speed boost passively. But its really not helpful, as a medic is 7% faster than stock speed classes. The speed boost isn't nearly close to medic speed. So maybe with the big earner buff the cloak would be usable / worth using again. (FIX BIG EARNER PLS)
  7. *DEAD* (20% Cooler) Col™ : #lost4mod
  8. My mind is whats on my mind, Why do you ask?

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Your meninges are what are ontop of your mind.

    2. knutstrand


      Like a wheel within a wheel.