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  1. So i was muted for no reason at all, I wasnt yelling or saying anything at all. Asked in chat why and admin said nothing. just a little confused lel
  2. First I just want to start off by saying that this is by far one of the best communities on Steam or anywhere in general. I made so many friends on the Funbox server and had such good times sitting down and having a great experience every time I played. You all cared about me, whether I was sick, depressed, or just wanting to have a conversation with another human being (or pony). If you don't already know about my perma-mute, you do now. I accept full responsibility for what I did and don't deny a single bit of it. To be honest it saddens me to no end but it is what it is. I'm not fighting this at all. I'm just going to leave it here and move on with my life. As soon as I saw those dreaded words that I am all too familiar with I knew the fun was over. For the past six months that I have been on I never expected it to end like this. I've said my goodbye's and wish everyone the best of times, but as I was finishing my last map on Funbox I realized how much time I've spent on this server. Hours and hours of my time talking to my friends, even more (at least a thousand times more, no joke) than my own Mother. Then it hit me all at once. I literally talk to my online friends more than my Mother, Brother and Sister combined. I recalled all of the homework I should have done, but instead joined the server to play for hours at a time. As fun as it was it really was destroying my life. I really did think about taking the forums by storm, getting people to sign a petition to get my mute reduced and getting my own so-called justice, but would it really be worth it in the end? I think after all of this it is just time to not only give TF2 a break, but just the internet in general. So closing this off I just want to say bye to all of the good people and ponies of the Funbox server and Ponyville. I'm not quitting the internet forever, just toning it down a little. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, whether it be a friend or stranger I will help you with anything you need. So all I can say after this is to give your parents a hug, tell them you love them, and if you can't, do it anyways because they love you too. The internet will always be around, but your family wont and you can't go into the past and change that so see ya next time and bye. SANIC (real name- Dorion White, age 15) P.S. Gotta Go Fast
  3. STEAM_0:0:93582943 This should work.
  4. How would I go about finding my steam id?
  5. I was recently muted permanently because my microphone was not working properly and making a very loud and high pitched echoing noise. I have thus fixed it and completely understand why I was muted. I would appreciate an admin looking over my ban and giving me a second chance. -SANIC