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  1. I share the bees and death phobia. Got stung by a wasp 3 times in a row when I was a kid and now I run like a rabbit whenever I hear the faintest sound of buzzing. Sure the bees are attracted to activity... but they gotta catch me first. As for the death one I got that when I heard the song "I'll be mellow when I'm dead" by Weird Al... and I overthought it. I can handle mentions of death but when I start thinking about it that's when I have a panic attack. As for any other fears... Well I used to have one of storms and I'd like to think I'm over it but in especially ferocious storms, up at a cabin I go to every summer, the fear resurfaces. I do have a minor fear of spiders but I'm working past that one.
  2. I think the only moment I could classify as epic was when I was playing as Trixie on a map that had 2 railroads through the center of it(cannot rremember the name for the life of me). I got telefragged and had 1 health left with 3 opponents. I do not know how but I managed to take out all 3 without getting hit and somehow won the round. I still don't know how I managed to pull that off.
  3. I'm not sure how well this will go over but I think I might have found a possible theme for Faust should you ever be looking for new ones again. From the New World Symphony No. 9 - Movement 4 by Dvorak I can supply a shorter version if needed.
  4. I'd join but I don't play that game unfortunately... Now if you create one in FFXIV(they're known as Free Companies there to my knowledge) let me know because I've been playing that extensively.
  5. I bringeth more Persona and SMT music! Friends (おともだち) - Persona Q Dante Battle - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Margaret's Theme - Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Quest Battle - Persona 2 Innocent Sin Fog - Persona 4 Gotta hand it to the music team. They do good work.
  6. Well... I've gotten really far through Persona Q and for those of you that have a 3ds yet haven't tried this game, I highly recommend it. With that said... Well the boss themes are flippin amazing. The Infinite F.O.E. Laser Beam Confrontation with the Past On a separate note... The Spongebob Movie Game has a surprisingly good final boss theme. Perfect for the first phase of the fight... as for the second and last phase? Do the words 'Goofy Goober Rock' mean anything to you?
  7. Clash on the Big Bridge eh? I'll check your V and raise to XII... and then XIII-2, and then XIV
  8. In any game that involves some fighting there's always going to be bosses. And of course with the majority of them there's going to be some amazing tunes playing in the background. So this is basically where to post your favorites of the bunch. Any sort of boss themes are allowed including final boss. So... go wild! Songs included in spoilers
  9. Issue was resolved. I was stupid and posted this too quickly.
  10. Methinks the non-vocal one might work a bit better but eh just me
  11. Meh I've already gone somewhat back to the drawing board. Helps when you've got quite a few ideas for creepy music for a creepy boss. The one problem is finding some that work right? Hopefully I can find some that fit the bill.
  12. In terms of creepy music for Pinkamena... this might work or possibly this
  13. Well depending on how old Nightmare Moon is this might be a good theme... and for once it isn't video game related
  14. I absolutely hate the holiday season at my work... and then I got promoted to my favorite area and everything seems a lot more fun.

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      Hehehe, yeah electronics. Good luck catching every single customer up to this very decade rather than living in the 16-track, "compact-disc" age.

    3. TSLsmokey


      I specialize in games... I'm getting annoyed with parents coming in to get GTAV for a freakin ten year old! Instant they find out what the game really has I wind up making mortal enemies out of those kids

    4. The_Mr_Kumar


      That's going to be the least of your problems there.

  15. I can understand the mindset behind it but unfortunately I am one of those who will say no... If only because I'm of the mindset do what you have to to win(besides cheating of course... that's wrong on any account). However if this gets implemented I shall try to get used to it.