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  1. I too think that Mix would be a great mod for the funbox. He is a pretty funny guy, who knows when to joke around and when to be serious. He also reports to me and Bird pope a lot with screenshots to provide.
  2. Engie knows all

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      Oompah oompah oompah!

  3. Eugh....Seems about right
  4. Awwh yeah! The good, the bad and the Cream Gravy Versus Gravyville Breaking Gravy Meet the Cream gravy Saving Pvt. Cream Gravy Silence of the Gravy I think that's enough for now
  5. Barrens chat...has returned!

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      Did you just... say Barrens Chat...? *War flashbacks*

  6. Doulldozer would be a good mod. He reports to me when there are rule breakers if they do not listen to him. The only problem about Doulldozer for me is that he does not have enough hours in tf2 atm. If he can change that he would be a good mod for the funbox, and a needed one at that too since I am going more on the EU server atm.
  7. I met this kid on the EU server last night he was being toxic in chat and then on mic, after I gagged and muted him he decided to be friendly so I banned him for 30 min, though I think a ban for around a week would do
  8. Uh might be a little late for this response since I've been playing Rebirth so much. Got all endings, golden god and currently working on plat god. My favorite part of the game is definitely all the synergies you can get Favorite new items would be Trinity shield, The fly set and Infamy
  9. So uh I finally decided to man up and go on the forums(Forums spook me). If you don't know who I am I'm Chookl the dingus above all dinguses I'm a pretty silly person who plays on the funbox. anyway just saying hey to everyone here. Stay frosty scary hat - Scout
  10. Bird pope is not a bad choice for another funbox mod though I would rather recommend Kaubel Bird Pope Pros: He would dedicate a lot time to watch the server + he seems to have a nice popularity Cons: As a friend of bird pope I know that he doesn't work well under stress/pressure + He brings people down when he is in a bad mood. Kaubel Pros: He has been on the funbox for a long time + He enforces the rules when I am gone and I know I can trust him with it + He is a funny guy who gets along with everyone I know + He is good at dealing with drama Cons: He hasn't been on the funbox as much recently because he has to deal with some important stuff in life + He can be a little to serious with jokes at times.