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  1. it appears that has happened already
  2. we dont have a way to gag somebody every time they reconnect unless we're using a plugin, honestly i'd just give them a week ban
  3. im very good pudge pls send invite
  4. click around a bit while you're spectating and you shouldn't get kicked
  5. ???

    ips updated it i believe
  6. accepted ur friend request
  7. if you guys need any help hit me up, i'm not playing esea this season to focus on providing content for another website so i have some free time.
  8. i believe you were banned for harassing a user, not only on tf2 but also through skype and another site. the ban will stay as issued. please post your steam id so i can verify that i have the info correct.
  9. my body needs this
  10. what is this? i've been seeing so much snowdrop lately and i have no idea where she came from.
  11. unbanned
  12. unbanned