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  1. I forgive you. I had bad days too, but I found that during those bad days, I am like a lightning ball, I can hurt others around me just by my pressence. In such sitiations, taking a walk would help you clear your mind, and maybe listening to music would cheer you up. Or talking with friends helps too :)
  2. I have to apreciate the amount of details you put in your last comment man, it was quite informative, so kudos to you for that. I have not much to say anymore, except that in every case, we as a players still have choises we could make. Still going to disagree with the whole global mute though. I will have to come back latter to your comment and see if I can think of something.
  3. So the problem is not being muted, but realisation down the line that you are talking with yourself. I don't see a problem here. If a person fails to realise that someone he is talking to is not responding to him, well then it's he's/her problem. Global mute is to cruel move in my opinion, when we have a local mute button.
  4. Whatever happened with the magical mute button? I have noticed how many people are complaining, if 13 years old boy starts to speak via mircrophone. Those people will do their best to prove a point, that a kid shouldn't be speaking, and will go long ways to call an admin and get them warned or muted. Why we can't resolve this problem by just clicking ESC button, selecting a Mute option (ear sign), selecting the name of a person we don't want to hear, and simply muting them ourselves? I have done it many times, and it's very effective, and it only takes about 5 seconds to do. Why demand people to be muted, if we can mute them ourselves.
  5. I personaly dislike playing bosses, so I turn them off almoust indefenetely. For me personaly, playing a boss is too stressful. When I play a boss like Discord, I don't have enough time for fun. I have to kill all engineers before they build up defences, kill snipers on the open maps, kill medics and anything that could cause me harm realy quickly. There is no reward for me to play a boss, except increased stress level. I would play CMC bosses if they would be availaible for normal people, because it puts less burden on my part when fighting the merceneries. Regarding loosing que points when turning off the boss mode, I am completely fine with that.
  6. Those people that I warn about being friendly. You see, many people who play on vsh don't realy care about it, and whenever I tell them that being friendly is punishable offence, they just ignore me, or call me an idiot, because "We fighting ponies". It is truly sad that this is still hapening regulary.
  7. I understand that people want to have fun and some people told me that being friendly or afk is alright because "It's funbox", but I just cannot stand when people come to a place where you should be fighting, and all they do is not only waste a server slot, but they intentionaly make a pony boss stronger, since for each person on the red team, enemy boss have over 1k health bonus. Just by their presence the fighting becomes difficult. I am not even looking at europe server, those guys are goners. I even got muted when I argued with moderator about friendlies there. I just don't understand why the hell those people are even bother to come to the server. If they want to watch the game without playing, join the spectator. I always tell people who do not want to play, or go afk, to join spectator, so they won't be pushing down those people who want to fight. Other arguments I get is that friendlies are acceptible because we are fighting ponies, so it shouldn't be taken seriously. Well, no one is forced to play seriously, but why do people have to be a burden for those who want to fight and defeat the boss, which is the objective. If I would want an ordinary vsh server, I wouldn't even show up here. But I like that I fight ponies, and not some stupid bosses like vagineer. Just because we are fighting ponies from a kids show, that doesn't mean we should be slacking.
  8. So recently I decided to play some teamfortress 2 versus ponyville mod, and I joined a funbox server, and the moment I joined, I witnessed this scene. Sadly server recording is disabled, and I don't have a fraps with me, so I took some pictures instead. I realy hate it when valve added taunts, since then the game became worse.
  9. I received justice in a court, where justice was not to be found. I feel like Tyrion Lannister at a trial in king's landing.
  10. I am not angry, all I want is justice, if I can get it here. When everything runs smoothly I am not gonna say or question anything. But when I see injustice, I want to speak up. I know that admins should check the order in the server, but don't forget, I am also inspecting you if you doing your duties right.
  11. No shit sherlock, you are kicking friendlies? If that is the truth, then why would I tell you anything bad, if you doing what actualy makes server a better place, and improves the game expierence I have? Your comment seams illogical to me. I will tell you about one game I had, which repeated itself few days ago. A pony boss spawns, finds me, or any other people who fight, then boss kills us, and then rest of whoever left, up to 10 people, are dancing fucking conga for the rest of the match. I know the game is not to be taken seriously, but wouldn't you get pissed, that a boss intentionaly passes everybody just to find and kill me so everyone can be useless and waste my, and whoever managed to die, time? If you ever kick a friendly, it must have happen when I finaly left the server and haven't been playing tf2 for some time, but during my presence, I have never seen you doing anything about friendlies.
  12. Somehow I don't recall seeing you speaking against friendlies, or doing anything about them. if that would have been the case, I wouldn't even say a word. In fact I only seen 2 admins who actualy warned friendlies, I don't remember the first one, but he came after I was already mutted, and the second one I met yesterday was Mr.Kumar. I even added him to a friend list just to tell him that he was doing a great job. I should have said something much earlier when I was mutted, but again, I have been mutted and banned for even lesser things, lesser then questioning admins missuse of power. Most of the time after getting punished for nothing, I don't even go and look for justice, because hey, if admin can ban/mute me for questioning their authority, then there is nothing I can do. Only a week ago I heard someone saying that a mutted/banned person can protest their punishment, and thats why I do it now.
  13. Short story. I have been speaking against friendlies and admin missuse of power. Long story. Back in the beggining of this summer, the first time I joined your server, I have noticed that some people are friendly with pony bosses (Friendlies). This annoys me, because they do nothing to help, and because of their presence, the boss is much harder to kill, specialy to people who want to actualy play and do something. Imagine a situation now: 15 people on a server, and most of those people want to be friendlies, so here it is what happens: A boss pony spawns, walks pass everybody else to find me, and other few people who always fight, kills us, and then everyone who is left, up to 10 people starts dancing conga until the round ends. When I have seen these things happen, I wanted to report to admins so they could do something about it. But with admin like emerald, instead of doing something about friendlies when it gets to this level, she did nothing, in fact she was the one participating in most of those friendly activities. So I spoke against friendlies and how admins in general (all those I have met) promote this crap, and thats why I was permamently silenced. I know that fighting against pony's is fun and goofy, and shouldn't be taken seriously, but I always wonder why those people are comming to ponyville server. If a person wants to be a friend with a pony, maybe he should join a server where it's nothing but pony's and nobody fights, so they can just hangout. But when a person join a server where fighting is a focal point and this crap starts to happen, then I am getting angry. I wouldn't care too much about the mute, but sometimes there are games where I and some other person does a realy good job at fighting, and I just want to congratulate a person on a successful teamwork, but I cannot. I didn't thought that I was muted permamently.
  14. Username : Harkonnen SteamID : STEAM_0:1:20934931 Ponyville server : Ponyville.net (Europe) Transgression : I was mutted because I often spoke against friendlies and argued with admins.