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  1. Happy New Year Y'all!

  2. Merry Christmas y'all

  3. the kenyon kitty was in dire need of a vet today. vet bill hit us hard but poor kitty is no longer peeing blood.

    1. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      Oh no! I hope your kitty feels better!

  4. i has new art! Yay! Art! My pirates are coming to life!

  5. Long time no see ponyville. Just finished working on NaNo. NaNo battle is done. Working on book 5 of the pirate haven series and I have posted chapter one of my very first book up on tumblr for people to read. I go shower now.

  6. So books two and three are done. Working on book four.

    1. Xenmas


      U go girl write dat book.

  7. Oh hell yeah. Another NaNoWriMo victory under my belt!

  8. I have one new kid who tries to eat his diaper.

    1. 54645634564564564564564564


      Hes not afraid to think outside the box.

    2. Calamity


      That kid will go places. Presumably the emergency room with a bowel infection.

    3. Screwsies


      Don't mock it till you try it!

  9. I have cursed derpy socks.

    1. Screwsies


      Do they talk to you in backwards demon tongue?

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      They can't be unequipped when she puts them on.

  10. So I started a tumblr for my books. If your interested come follow me @

  11. Fucking hate parents. Stupid fuckers should mind their own business.

  12. I be nice to my kids and what does work do... cut my hours by two again

  13. I just got my ass chewed out for being worried about one of my kids. Fuck this

  14. That moment when you are watching Ben 10 and you see Lopan and Storm from big trouble in little china

    1. Ponargonian


      I assume this would be in Omniverse, then?

    2. MrsKenyon
    3. Ponargonian


      That's cool, I've never noticed that.